My Coffeepot is in the Bathroom

My pots and pans are in boxes spread between the dining room and den. My dishwasher is in the middle of the floor in the “eat in” part of the kitchen. The microwave is in the laundry room. The only thing I can put my finger on without any hesitation is my Bota Box of pinot grigio–that’s on the kitchen table next to some unidentifiable pipes and plumbing fixtures.

We’re remodeling the kitchen.

It’s something we’ve been talking about doing ever since we moved to this house about 10 years ago. At first we were just going to replace the counters, sink and stove. That grew to include cabinets as well. When it’s all done, it will be wonderful, but for now, we’re camping out in our own home.

Have you ever done this? If so, give me some tips.

I’m about the farthest thing you can find from an A type personality, but these people are driving me crazy. They either don’t show up at all, or when you least expect it. Yesterday the guy came to measure for the granite just as I was leaving for work. Five minutes later and I would’ve missed him completely–and who knows how much of a setback that would’ve been.

The cabinet guy started working Wednesday. I was under the impression that the cabinets were mostly already assembled and just had to be nailed into place. Instead, my front yard is a wood-working shop complete with power tools and an air compressor. So far he’s nailed wood over the a/c vent, created a new space for the dishwasher (but neglected to drill holes or leave room for the needed pipes) and one electrical outlet is missing.

(Fast forward a few days.)

After a week without a kitchen we’re still…without a kitchen. But we’re getting closer. The cabinets are done and they’re great. The granite is 90% done–it’ll be finished tomorrow. There’s a plumber here now hooking up the dishwasher and putting in the new kitchen faucet and the disposal. He’ll also install the microwave.

The old oven is being hauled away by Habitat for Humanity tomorrow, but the new one can’t be delivered until Monday. So something I bought Memorial Day won’t be used until after July 4th. There’s still tile work above the counters to be scheduled. But, with any luck, tomorrow will be the last day for this:


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9 responses to “My Coffeepot is in the Bathroom

  1. I pretty much think “Type A” and “Type B” personalities are bullshit. Also! Years ago, back when I was still a smoker, one day I was wicked constipated. I put the coffee pot in the bathroom and sat there, drinking coffee and chain-smoking, just loading up on stimulants.

    Needless to say, this is not the correct way to deal with constipation.

  2. I remember having to wash the dishes in the bathroom sink, and it felt sooo wrong.
    You’ve already tumbled my only tip – if nothing else, know exactly where the wine is 🙂

  3. Remodeling the kitchen is a major headache. That and remodeling the bathroom are the most disruptive home improvement projects you could undertake. I would have been surprised to hear that it ONLY took a week. The old saying, “Good help is hard to find” is an old saying for a reason.

  4. you might get used to the coffee pot in the bathroom. i put mine in the bedroom. because i am THAT lazy…

  5. Julie

    Yep, wine location is very important. As for workmen in the house. . .same thing as out-of-town visitors. Privacy is out the window, and you’re never really sure when they’re going to leave until they do.

  6. Have never remodelled a kitchen. Only a bathroom. Pissing in a bucket only lasted one day; they set up a temporary mechanism for us to use. Love the priorities: wine!

  7. This was really very special to me and I look forward to reading more of this valuable and great information.

  8. I am SO. JEALOUS. And yet not. I want a kitchen that I LOVE. One of these days anyway. But I know we’ll end up doing it ourself and then we’ll be learning as we go and sometimes those things just don’t go as planned!

  9. Ellie

    Damn email service lost my mail. This one
    should do for now. X wendums at yahoo

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