Slice of Life

We had a fancy dinner party last night. Lots of silver, crystal and china. Linen on the table. Fully stocked bar. Fussy (but delicious) little canapes. Lots of wine followed by tawny port.

About two hours before the guests arrived I was peeling potatoes. Midway through the second one I managed to peel off part of the nail of the little finger of my right hand. I would like to say that the blood spurted across the room, decorating the shiny fridge with artful splatter.

But instead it just welled up and out in a steady stream. For a couple of seconds I just looked at the blood dripping in the sink. I was hoping that there was just a bit of skin missing and not part of the nail. I held it under running water. It hurt like the devil and I was afraid to look.

You see, losing a nail is one of those things I’ve always dreaded. The thought of that exposed skin just makes my toes curl up under my feet. I have this image of exposed nerves just dangling there…waving in the breeze. Ready to latch onto whatever germ comes its way.

It didn’t stop bleeding for a while and I went through several bandages before my company came.

I managed to finish cooking. I was telling my guests about the mishap and explained that because of the accident their potatoes would be served with the skins.

“Whose skin?” one asked.

I’ll never tell.




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11 responses to “Slice of Life

  1. for what it’s worth, my entire body cringed when you said you’d peeled a nail… there’s a reason this has been such a widely-used torture device for thousands of years.

    but the party sounds lovely!

  2. john

    Seems like your husband would have offered some assistance. Did he?

  3. Tulip

    I hate it when that happens! Hope it’s healing up. Were you using a potato peeler, or doing like I usually do, going for speed with a knife? Ouch, no matter what.

  4. Julie

    I figure the mark of a truly great dinner party is whether the cook experienced a traumatic accident to the body. And if I’m right (and believe you me, I am certainly right on this one, because I was there), this dinner party was beyond outstanding. And those potatoes? Fabulous!

  5. Daisy–Isn’t it funny how something so tiny can hurt so bad? It’s better today, but I’ll be wearing a bandaid for a while.
    John–I was remiss in not mentioning my husband’s part in all this which was to administer first aid, assist with final table service, entertain guests and dish washing. First aid treatments continue.
    Tulip–I was using a peeler, but I find most little tools like that awkward for lefties like me. It’s hard to get along in a right-handed world sometimes.
    Julie–Many thanks for adding to the festivities!

  6. You’re a leftie? How is it possible this only comes to light now?

    I think you must epitomise Southern hospitality. X

  7. Ernie and Nell

    It was a fabulous dinner party! Even with the host’s injury, the food, friends and conversation was outstanding! Hope you heal quickly.

  8. A comment relevant to the previous post:

    This was the first New Years Day in as far back as I can remember that I didn’t eat black eyed peas. I am scared to death. That’s what I get for eating dinner at my Irish in-laws house.On the other hand, I may discover that black eyed peas has been what’s fucking with me all along. Will report back in a year.

  9. Ellie–I come by it naturally–two left-handed parents. Creative department are full of us southpaws.
    Ernie and Nell–Many thanks for the wine. I don’t think any was left over!
    UB–Happy New Year! Here’s hoping that you’ve had enough black-eyed peas to last you through one year. I have high hopes for 2012!

  10. I watched The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” the other day and spent half the movie obsessing over Lee Van Cleef’s nubbed finger, and now you’re giving me this. Crazy. I hope your nail is okay.

  11. Rass–It’s almost completely healed…but man, it hurt so bad!

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