Summer in a Jar

I’ll never be accused of being a Martha Stewart-esque homemaker, but I do like to cook. This summer, I got the canning-freezing-preserving bug and here’s what I ended up with.

The first project was a joint undertaking between me, younger sister, her husband and daughter.

Tomatoes were the order of the day.

We started here:

These tomatoes, plus the other crate we bought because these were too ripe, were to end up canned and as marinara sauce. The sauce part was easy, but the canning part created much angst.

But we prevailed. And this…

Became this:

And then this:

Became this:

And, ultimately, this:

The next week, the peaches at the Farmer’s Market caught my eye and they ended up like this:

Have you ever taken a really hot biscuit, added a fat slice of butter to its steamy¬† center and then slathered on homemade preach preserves? Well, if you haven’t, I highly recommend it.

The final project was undertaken by me and husband.


Plus garlic…

Plus dill….Plus the secret ingredient….
Plus jars….

Equal this:

It all adds up to summer in a jar. It’ll taste great come January.


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9 responses to “Summer in a Jar

  1. ooooh – did you use a new recipe for the tomatoes?

  2. Those look like some fine preserves! I was making plum jam for weeks this summer, from a bumper crop of plums from the garden – now, I never want to see another plum again in my life, and am praying for late frosts next spring!

  3. Karen

    Yum! Can we try some of these creations at CHL?

  4. Little Sister

    We are so southern! Mom should be so proud of our skills. Can’t wait til next year!

  5. Beth Dodd

    The peach preserves on a hot, buttered biscuit sounds divine!

  6. Sally–the sauce recipe is the same on you have. Let me know if I need to resend.
    PG–jam is much harder, I think. This is nothing more than peaches and sugar.
    Karen–perhaps. I’ll contribute some peaches for breakfast for sure.
    Sis–we need to do twice as much next year! Save your jars.
    Beth–doesn’t it though!

  7. Whoa, very nice. I think I am the most jealous of the peach preserves.

  8. Hot buttered biscuit. Homer Simpson, sighs. I sigh.

    Love the simplicity (seemingly) required for dill pickles. I might have a go myself!

  9. I’m impressed with your canning abilities! We didn’t have a garden this year but every year before this I’ve been determined to can stuff. And then I ended up traveling a lot for work or something and that always got deterred!

    You’re right though… in January you will be SO GLAD you did it!

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