Bite Me

A couple of days ago I noticed this when I was getting dressed:

It’s on my leg–between the ankle and calf. At the time, it was a lot redder and itchy.

I showed it to a mom at work.

“Oh, you need to get that looked at right away.”

I showed it to friend who grew up on a farm.

“Do you think it’s a brown recluse?”

I described it to a sister who works at a hospital.

“You better go to the doctor right now–a woman I work with had a spider bite and got MRSA (a type of staph) and was in the hospital for three days.”

I took a picture with my phone and emailed it husband a thousand miles away.


A few hours later, I picked up husband at airport and he looked at it again and suggested a doctor visit.

So, the next day I went to the doctor. My regular doctor was booked, but her nine-year-old partner was free.

“Yep, something bit you,” he said. “It’s nothing bad, just ugly. Come back if it changes.”

“That’s it,” I thought? “You’re not even a little impressed?”

I quickly scrolled through a list of probable ailments that might get his attention.

I was pretty sure that the little toe on my right foot was broken, but that didn’t seem worthy.

I’ve got a pretty impressive patch of flaky skin on the bottom of my right foot, but I really didn’t want to bring that up either.

“Can you just cut it off?” I said. “It’s really grossing me out.”

He laughed and put a bandaid on it.

Oh well, at least I got off work a couple of hours early.


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8 responses to “Bite Me

  1. therese

    You might be getting older if (1) your doctor looks nine-year-old; (2) you are obsessed with gross things on your body. I agree, it is gross. Love the bandaid fix.

  2. he could have at least taken out his cell phone and taken a picture of it to post on his facebook page. hope your co-pay wasn’t too high.

  3. Remember on May 21st on the plane going to Switzerland something bit me on my arm (I was sure it was a varmint that crawled off of my scrubby seat mate) and it itched and itched – I still have it – not as bad and not as itchy and my arm hasnt fallen off. I also went to the doctor and got medicine. So I just dont worry about it any more. (If I had a smart phone I would send you a picture.) your mother

  4. Biting insects is where I lose the “everything has a place in this world” philosophy. I am a magnet to biting insects and thus popular at outdoor events, as by my simple presence other people are relieved of their attentions.

    Doctors who don’t over-medicate are worth their weight in something or other. I too am intrigued by this doctor’s remarkably mature approach at such an early age.

  5. Sparky

    If it doesn’t improve (start to heal and go away) in two weeks have it looked at again by someone who is humble. I have melanoma. Light pink spot, sometimes it was flaky and itched. Dermotoligist in Miami said “Oh, it’s nothing. We can tell.” Little smirk on face. Four months later in NYC it’s still there. Second Dermo says, “I think it’s nothing, but let’s see.” One biopsey later…Oh Damn!! That was 2002. I’m doing fine after many treatments. Have it looked at.

  6. Julie

    But wait! We haven’t addressed the subject of ticks yet. They, too, must be not only addressed but dealt with in great awe and respect and general yuckness. IT COULD BE AN ALBINO TICK, for heaven’s sake. Then you could be on some program like “The Lives of the Bitten and Famous.”
    Other comment (can I have two?): all doctors are now nine years old for me.

  7. Therese–Hello and thanks for visiting. I have been keeping the bandaid on. It’s just too gross.
    DF–He was completely unimpressed. However, that’s the best outcome in the long run.
    Mother–I remember that you thought it crawled out of his hair. But yours itched–this one only itched for one day.
    PG–Usually the bugs leave me alone. I’m not nearly as bothered by mosquitos as some others are. But if we’re ever at an outdoor gathering together, I hope you’ll sit by me. 🙂
    Sparky–Thanks for your comment. Believe me, if it doesn’t get better I’ll be back at the doctor’s. I am a cancer survivor myself and don’t take chances. Good luck in the future.
    Julie–We actually looked at it through a luope to make sure there was no tick–albino or otherwise.

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