Carmageddon Sounds Like Heaven to Me

Dear Los Angeles,

Let me get this straight–one 10-mile (or so) stretch of road is going to be closed for 53 hours and y’all are panicking like Franklin before a snow storm.

I must be missing something because 53 hours without getting on a major freeway sounds like heaven to me.

Interstates are for going to work. Interstates are for traffic. Going fast. Worrying about the teenager texting (illeagally) in the next lane.

Interstates are for Monday-Friday.

Two-lane roads are for the weekend. Two-lane roads are for going a little slower with the windows rolled down. Two-lane roads are for going to a friend’s house for dinner. A visit to the farmer’s market. Or a trip to Main Street.

So how about this, Los Angeles–enjoy a few interstate-free days. Hang around your neighborhood. Take a day off. Go for a walk.

Surely you can live for 53 hours without getting on the 405.

As far as I’m concerned, the only place I want to go on the interstate is to the airport.


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9 responses to “Carmageddon Sounds Like Heaven to Me

  1. Sounds like a great idea. Unless you live in Compton.

  2. I can even get to Qdoba without interstates! 🙂

  3. UB–You’re right of course. Of course, I’m not sure I’d like anywhere in LA.
    KW–You’re going to turn into a taco one of these days!

  4. Julie

    Shoot, I’m old enough to remember going all the way to Florida without interstates. And so is your mother (one of my very favorite stories she has told).

  5. A to the Men sister! I live in Naples, Fl and I only get on the Interstate to go to the airport. And I can get there without it if I really want to!

  6. Sparky

    Righto. My first thought when I saw that was, “So stay home” Do a puzzle or five, read a book, eat, relax.

  7. Julie–Sometimes we get off the interstate and take the back roads. Always more interesting.
    LG–Unfortunately, I have to get on I-65 most days. But I’m definitely looking forward to the day that’s not part of my life.
    Sparky–Thanks for dropping by Franklin. Did you see the news that Carmageddon was a tempest in a teapot? No big backups at all!

  8. One of my favourite travel books ever is about driving on the back roads through America: “Blue highways”. I can’t imagine reading (much less enjoying) a book about driving on the interstate.

  9. PG–I’ve heard of Blue Highways, but I’ve never read it. I’ll add to the list. Thanks for stopping by.

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