Knock knock

Anybody there?

I wouldn’t blame if you weren’t. I haven’t exactly been setting the blogging world on fire these days. Can’t really blame it on anything other than the fact that I write all day at work and just don’t have the urge to pull more words out of thin air when I’m home.

So rather than feel guilty, I’m going to take a little breaky-break. I’m going on a great trip next month and will be back with fabulous pictures and tales.

I promise.

Until then, if you’re looking for something wonderful to read, I recommend Swamplandia. It’s really the best thing I’ve read in years and if I had a hard copy of it, I’d loan it to you right now.

So read that and check back here in June.



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8 responses to “Knock knock

  1. no worries – that’s what google reader is for! have a good break, and a grand adventure!

  2. Have fun! I haven’t been blogging much on Chicken Spaghetti at all lately, and am kinda wondering what direction to take with it.

    Meanwhile, I want to read Swamplandia. Thanks for the reminder.

    I’ve been missing Nash Vegas a lot. I want to get down there before my class reunion in October.

  3. Bon voyage. Happy landings. As with Daisy, I’ll keep you in my Google Reader.

  4. Happy travels HIF. Don’t worry about not blogging. One has to live an interesting life to write interesting blogs so go live it. We will wait.

  5. Where are you off to (this is the person who as a child always sneeked a look at her Christmas presents before Christmas day, asking)?

    Have a great time.

  6. Julie

    This blog has become part of my morning routine, and I really don’t imagine that it can be replaced by a second cup of coffee. Your wit, as well as your insights, will be greatly missed. I will keep you on my “favorites” list and will hope for a grand return one day of “here in Franklin”.

  7. Have schloads of fun!

  8. HIF- Enjoy your sabbatical! I’ll be checking back in with you… 😉

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