Check It Out

The other day while I was transferring the flotsam and jetsam of my life from one purse to another I came across a wrinkled up piece of paper. It was a blank check I had been carrying around for a couple of years. I held on to it  because I kept thinking that I’d need it some day. Just like I needed the Chinese 5-spice powder that’s been lurking in the back of my spice cabinet forever or the ball of ridiculously expensive and ridiculously thin yarn that tangles by mere touch.

I’d had this check so long that the bank didn’t even exist anymore–it had been bought by my current bank. So it got me thinking about the last time I’d written an actual check from this account and I couldn’t remember. I’m a big fan of electronic banking. I go online, tell my bank where to send a check and it’s done.

You see, I’m not real good with bill paying. Organization is not one of my core competencies.

So I have the monthly bills scheduled. Drafts and checks are automatic. No more shut off notices from the water company. No more mean phone calls from the cable company. It’s not that I purposely didn’t pay those bills, I just lost them. Or forgot. Or the dog ate them.


When I called to inquire about ordering checks, the fewest I could get was 150. I really only wanted 10.

The question is this–can I go the rest of my life without writing another check on this account–the one used for daily stuff?

Can I get by with electronic bill pay, a debit card and even cash?

We’ll see.


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8 responses to “Check It Out

  1. When I was in high school I used to carry a condom in my wallet. It’s an old cliché but I’m not kidding. Needless to say, it went unused. Over time, a ring was actually worn into the hide of the wallet. Pathetic.

  2. Oh my gosh, HIF, I could have written this post. Seriously – only I haven’t gotten savvy enough to pay everything online. Sometimes I forget way beyond the deadline and I have to pick up the phone. And you know, there are some vendors out there that will still only take checks?! Checks have gotten way too expensive, so if you can do it all in the virtual world, I say go for it!

  3. I think you can. I’m thinking about the latest checks I have written … only a restaurant in our old neighbourhood in London that doesn’t take cards and when we don’t have cash and are too lazy to go ot the cashpoint, we bring the check book. I think you can.

  4. I hadn’t written checks in years until recently having had our bank account drained because “skimmers” were put on the debit machine on gas station pumps. In a matter of weeks this happened to my sister, my mother inside a Walgreens (not the skimmer part, but the part of having their bank account drained), and a few friends. I have written more checks in the past week then I probably have in the past 10 years combined.

  5. Julie

    You’re at a concert out in the desert, and it is announced that the proceeds from a collection will go to worldwide hunger relief. No cash, no credit cards. What to do?
    Your car has broken down and must be towed. The driver says he can’t tow until he has the money. No cash, no credit cards. What to do?
    You are so in love that you must be married this very evening on the beach. Preacher must be paid. No cash, no credit cards. What to do?
    It’s the end of the world. All ATMs are shut down. Credit card companies are running for cover. You really must have a beer. What to do?

  6. mother

    touche – Julie


    so far, WINNING!!! a la Mr. Sheen, but still need your votes to get my
    gruby little paws on the In The Heights tickets. Please vote, often, I am
    eternally greatful. Thank you, have a fantastic day! xx Nic.

  8. I think we might share a finance gene.


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