England: Part the First

We landed in London at 6:15 a.m.

At 6:45 a.m. I threw up in the sink in the American Airlines arrivals lounge.

Welcome to England.

From there, the plan was to catch a bus to Reading where we would board a train to Salisbury, our first destination.

My bus dismount included my feet flying out from under me. I bounced down four steps on my rear end, resulting in epic butt bruises.

Nothing seriously hurt but my pride.

Twenty four hours later, Husband lost his credit card.

Twenty four hours after that, he realized that his driver’s license was back in Franklin meaning that our prepaid rental car would stay parked in the Hertz parking lot. Our loss, however, was Henry the Cab Driver’s gain.

Those are the little “oh shit” moments that make travel interesting.

Pictures and more tales to follow.


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13 responses to “England: Part the First

  1. Yes, pics, please. Lots of them. I’m in the middle of an epic novel about an English barrister and wish like hell I was in the U.K. I’ll visit vicariously through you.

  2. Oh HIF – not a good start at all. Hope things shaped up better as you wound (w/out further wounds!) your way through the UK. Looking to hearing about, and seeing, more of it.

  3. Stonehenge and Shakespeare’s home were the only things I enjoyed in England.

    I’m a spoiled brat.

    Hope the bad luck is over

  4. Ouch. Ouch. And another Ouch. As Michelle said, your bad travel karma is smokin’ used up! It’s gonna be all magic, sunshine and pub-based unicorns from here on out!

  5. Julie

    Well, welcome home! I think I checked your blog site every day you were away. . .and just kept getting the toilet paper gig every time.
    So troubles don’t just come in threes, huh? You really didn’t deserve any of that stuff. Can’t wait for “the rest of the story”. It just has to get better from here.

  6. mother

    your e-mail to me said you were having a good time. Cant wait to get to the “good” part.

  7. UB–Some pix shortly, but I’m not the best photograher.
    Jayne–Never fear, we had a great time.
    Michelle–Oh dear, I hate to hear that. I love every inch of England. Maybe you just didn’t go with the right person.
    DF–As a seasoned traveler, you know that snafus like mine are what make for interesting stories.
    Julie–Here’s to better luck in May!
    Mother–These were just minor irritations. (Well, the driver’s license was not quite so minor, but nothing we couldn’t deal with.)

  8. tulip

    I, too, kept checking for what has become my favorite blog! It wasn’t until I saw the pub banner that I remembered you were on vacation. And it sounds like a doozy of a vacation! Looking forward to reading about it!

  9. Julie

    Oh, I just had to add another comment this time. When “Mother” said that your emails had told her you were having a good time. . . reminded me when my own child had written from camp with the same “having a great time” message. Only when we picked her up at the end of the week and asked her cheerily to tell all about her great week did she answer from the back seat of the car, “Just drive out of here really fast.”

  10. That’s a hell of a teaser! Bring it on!

    I hated the months My Man didn’t have his driver’s license (never mind he had left it at one of THOSE places in Vegas!).

    If only our paths would have crossed. Looking forward to the resolution of the teasing!

  11. Yes, yes, yes, but did your Kindle live up to traveller’s companion expectations? I’m agonising about buying one, and need to know.

  12. Tulip–Awwww…thanks. 🙂
    Julie–Just thinking about your child and camp makes me chuckle.
    Ellie–I did meet up with another blogger–more on that later.
    PG–I’ll email you separately about the Kindle.
    All–More posts are coming–just need to round up a few photos. Stay tuned.

  13. Karen

    Looking forward to photos and more stories Cindy. I am certain you made the most of the experience, or at least enjoyed enough English ale and pubs to make it worthwhile.

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