I think that most of you know that I have an addiction to reality tv–chiefly anything called Real Housewives or Top Chef. I also frequently watch a show on HGTV call “House Hunters.” Tonight’s episode featured a couple searching for a home that would accommodate their son’s toys.

They had a budget of $575,000 and were looking in and around Alexandria, Va. They were moving because their current residence didn’t have room for a toddler’s toys.

My parents built the house I grew up in in the early 1960s. I feel certain that my toys–or my sister’s for that matter–had no bearing whatsoever on the design for that home.

And why should it?

Here’s what I had for toys:

  1. a stick
  2. a rock
  3. some string
  4. some dead worms
  5. hickory nuts

OK…that’s not entirely true. We had real toys. We had a great big yard and woods to play in. We caught crawdads and rode our bikes for miles into town to the pool. We had freedom and imagination and creativity.

I had Barbies and trolls and all kinds of model horses.

But no matter what the hot toy of the season was, I preferred books.

Pop psychology tells us that people derive happiness either from material possessions or experiences, such as vacations. One look at my house tells you that I (and Husband) fall into the experience category.

We still don’t have that many toys.


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13 responses to “Toys

  1. tis the season, isn’t it? i wish i could avoid all media references to ‘consumption’ for the next 5 weeks, but that isn’t possible. sure, my kids had toys. but we rotated the stock – with the new stuff they had to box up some old stuff for recycling at goodwill….

  2. I was a Lego person. And a horse person and a bike person and a book person. Like you, I still don’t have toys. Kids’ll be inspired by whatever you give them, you know?

  3. Julie

    All of us remember either ourselves or someone we know whose favorite toy was the box something came in. My grandchildren jump on a large cardboard box as though it were the best new truck in the store. It gets sawed on and poked on and climbed in and rowed across the floor until it is finally given last rites.

  4. Can you imagine?! The motivation to buy a new house (one that they may or may not be able to afford) is to make room for toys. Boy is THAT telling!

    My secret shame is Survivor. I’ve never missed a season. I’m completely hooked in now and forever.

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  6. mother

    and dont forget the pets -the cats, dogs, ducks, fish, frogs, the spider plant that had babies with names, the shrimp plant that the ducks ate up.

  7. I am a Big Brother junkie. The Hubs got me (and everyone he knows) hooked several years ago. You should give it a try next season…we could have fun discussions. It’s a three-times-a-week show though, so it takes commitment!

  8. DF–good for you for teaching them give some toys away.
    Rass–Legos were never my thing. But I had a mosaic tile set that was all King Arthur scenes that I LOVED.
    Julie–we used to love to play in big boxes too. Good to know some things never change.
    UB–I love Survivor too–sort of the granddaddy of reality shows, isn’t it.
    Mother–those ducks were kind of nasty as I recall. And always hungry. And loud.
    Katie–no way I could watch something that I had to keep up with that much!

  9. Wow! Did you do something different with your comments? Wow. I like it.

    Wow! Who buys a house for their toddler? Because he has too many toys? Wow. I fear it.

    They better put that boy to work. Or sell the toys.

  10. little sister

    I don’t think I had any toys. I had animals! Now…I have animals and reality TV. Who needs toys!

  11. Before I got rid of cable, Top Chef was my favorite. It always made me hungry.

    I had crayons. And a rock and a stick.


  12. Ellie–Wordpress discontinued my old template and this was the closest to it. I’m thinking about changing up all together.
    PG–I know, it just makes you think.
    LS–I think you got some of my hand-me-down rocks.
    Michelle–Did you ever leave your crayons out in the sun so they melted? What a gooey–but colorful–mess.

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