Center Hill Getaway

Went off with the girlfriends this weekend for our annual lake trip. There was eating, drinking, canoeing and football watching.

And this sunrise outside my window Saturday.

This is the Highland Rim of the Cumberland Mountains on the western edge of the Appalachians. It’s a land of twisty back roads, dry counties and strong accents. If you know where to look, you might even find some moonshine.


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7 responses to “Center Hill Getaway

  1. I always say I’m not much for the outdoors but maybe I’m wrong. These are really beautiful shots. Mountains or ocean? Earth or water? What say you?

    Imagine some guy walking through the forest and stumbling across a bunch of girls, all alone, drinking and watching football. Can you say dream come true?

  2. UB–If by “girls” you mean “middle-aged women” then yes, it would be a dream come true. We love us some football and some beer.

    As for the mountain/ocean query, I’m mountains every time, hands down.

  3. Elise

    So beautiful. Sigh. 🙂

  4. Is that (moonshine) what you were drinking?

  5. Julie

    Well shoot, Cindy! If you had just asked me, I would have been glad to come. And I could have brought the five grandchildren, too, so you all wouldn’t have had such a quiet and lonely time of it. Plus, it sounds like there would have been a lap for every single child. Perfect!
    Lakehouse for us this past weekend. . .I’m tired.

  6. Kimmer

    I wanna go back. 😦

  7. Hot damn, I want to go camping.

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