Kindle Romance

I ordered myself a new toy today–a birthday present from Husband.

It’s something I didn’t realize I wanted until recently.

At A Glance image

Yep. I got a Kindle.

Every time we travel I debate over how many books to take. I’m a fast reader and if I’m going somewhere where the Barnes and Noble is more likely to be Gibert Jeune then I need to plan ahead. But books are heavy and even if I leave them behind, they’ve still taken up a lot of room.

So now I can carry hundreds of books in this 1/3″ wide, 8.7 ounce toy.

Of course, I also ordered the nifty leather case with the built-in LCD light.

Now all I need is a trip.


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11 responses to “Kindle Romance

  1. i didn’t know i wanted one until i bought one for my daughter for her birthday. she got the same version you did, and it’s geeky love!

  2. Cindy, I never thought I’d want one. But I do.

  3. mother

    Does this mean you will stop buying books and I will have to start going to the library?

  4. I think this is the coolest piece of travel gear to come out in years. My first thought when I saw this was how it will cut down on “book bulk” in the travel bag. Congrats and Happy Birthday!

  5. Lacy

    You will love it 🙂 I too used to carry a bag of books on trips – and now … its just my ipad. Love love love it! Be sure to follow all the free book blogs — like,,

  6. You made me think about it! Fortunately for my bank account , it all seems very complicated to buy here in Spain. But I’d like to know your impressions once you’ve been using it for a while.

  7. Ooh, nice! This makes me want to, er, not pull the plug on my relationship. Boyfriend ordered one for my birthday. Hasn’t arrived. But if I behave myself, it can be mine, all mine! I feel powerful and selfish all at once. Thank you for this feeling.

  8. Julie

    But isn’t everybody around you going to be looking over your shoulder and asking again and again, “So how do you like it?” and “What do you think of it?” and “Can I try it?”. . . . .
    like me.

  9. Niece Whit

    Can’t wait to borrow! 🙂

  10. All–it arrived today and 20 minutes after opening the package I had downloaded Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. I am going to love this little electronic device.
    DF and ST–sound’s like y’all are in the same boat. Just go ahead and get one!
    WanderWoman–thanks for visiting Franklin. I look forward to reading about your travels.
    Mother–I have lots of books you haven’t read yet. Come shop my bookshelves.
    Lacy–thanks for the links. I’ll check them out.
    PG–so far, I love it. If Nimpipi can get one in India, surely you can get one in Spain?
    Nim–let me know what you think! (Just proves he’s good for something, no?)
    Julie–Maybe I’ll download Heidi!
    Whit–Back off!!!!!!! (And Go Vols!) 🙂

  11. older Sister

    On a very long trip from Sanibel with my granddaughters we had a little side bar which involved hitting a deer at 75 mph on the interstate. Not a pretty sight. Our youngest grandaughter, Camille at the ripe old age of 10 managed to read a 500 page book (one of those vampire things)through the whole ordeal of insurance companies, rental car companies, etc , etc. Wish I could love reading that much. What a trooper she was.!!!

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