This House (in case you were wondering what to get me for my birthday which is right around the corner)

We spent Labor Day weekend with family south of here. They live in what has to be one of the prettiest neighborhoods in the U.S. The narrow streets twist up and over hills and are shaded by the virtual canopy of trees overhead. The yards are manicured and everything is tidy. But this isn’t a cookie cutter neighborhood of mcmansions, where everything matches, including the limited imaginations of the residents.

It’s settled and there’s a huge variety of houses.

I call this one “Ode to Tara.”

Here’s a nod to modernism.

You’ll even find a few ’50s ranches.

But there’s one house here that always catches my eye. I just think it’s prettiest house ever. This is a house where there’s never junk mail scattered across the kitchen counter. Clothes iron themselves and weeds never dare show themselves in the flower beds. Spiders don’t lounge around in sinks, cats don’t drag in halves of bunnies and beds make themselves.

The wine is always perfectly chilled and the coffee is always piping hot. (You can click on the  photo if you want to see it bigger.)

It’s hard to tell from this, but there’s a peachy color on the wall that sort of glows in the late afternoon.

Anyhow, my birthday is in a couple of weeks.


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7 responses to “This House (in case you were wondering what to get me for my birthday which is right around the corner)

  1. mother

    I wish I had known sooner because I have already gotten you a gift. It is a pretty house however.

  2. Julie

    Did you try telling the owners that you, like, really and truly would like to have their house for your birthday? Because they might just be tired to death of that old thing. Of course, you know you could never take your cat to live there. And you just got all that new carpet. And you have all that nice bamboo that would be hard as . . . well hard to dig up. And the worst thing is, I don’t know where it is so I couldn’t come visit you and all.

  3. Cindy, I like that exact same house, but I will give it to you for your birthday!

    I’m pretty sure that, at that house, cats don’t walk on the dining room table, then lie down and stare at you while you eat, either.

  4. Cindy, that was me, above. Gah. And the table-walking/lying cats are at our house, alas.

  5. That house is beautiful, but a little to symmetrical for my taste.

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  7. The spider would miss you. 😦

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