Plastic Carpet

We moved into our current house about six years ago. Even then, the carpet was not in the best of shape and we knew that we’d have to replace it soon.

Well, soon turned out to be six years, but now it’s done.

We made the deal and awaited the installation. The company called and said we were scheduled for Saturday from 10 to 12. At least that’s what Husband heard. Three guys showed up about 10:30 and shortly thereafter my bedroom looked like this:

There’s a very messy bookcase from the office. A bed from the guest room. There’s a desk behind the bookcase. You see, the part of this process that I didn’t grasp was that EVERY SINGLE ITEM sitting on the floor had to be moved in order for the carpet to be installed. I guess I thought they’d just work around the furniture. But, no–they moved everything.

So three rooms of furniture ended up here. And that was just upstairs. It became clear that when Husband heard 10-12, what that meant was that they’d get started during that time. Being the frugal sort, Husband wanted to save parts of the old carpet to use as floor mats, trunk liners and God only knows what else.

He hosed it off with detergent, scraped off the excess water with a piece of plywood and then enlisted my help to hang the sodden pieces over the deck railing so it could dry in the sun. Our neighbors’ house is for sale and they had an open house scheduled for the next day. I’m sure they loved our carpet decor. But at least all this was cleaned up:

At one point I took a picture of the pad and sent it my sister:

“Do you like my new blue carpet?” I asked her in the accompanying text? “Um, sure,” she replied bravely. “It’s just like the Titan’s colors.” It was several hours later before I fessed up and sent this:

So that’s my new carpet and it’s great to have. But here’s the really cool thing about it–it’s made out recycled plastic bottles. It’s 100% plastic.

But it feels like heaven.


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16 responses to “Plastic Carpet

  1. Julie

    First the bamboo, then the grass burn-off, now all that hosing off of carpet in the yard. . .yeah, I can see why the neighbors are moving. Not to mention that crazy hunter cat you all have.
    P.S. I vote for that blue stuff. At least it covers the whole room. You all didn’t buy enough of the beige plastic stuff to cover everything. You know what they say–“measure twice, cut once. . .”

  2. I Like the idea…My friend and I have been talking about this particular subject to, this is great site and nice text. I will add to my bookmarks, Thank you for the information …:)

  3. There’s nothing better than walking on fresh, new carpeting with you bare feet.

    Carpeting is unexpectedly expensive. You don’t realize until you go shopping for it. Ties and belts also cost a lot more than they should.

  4. I recognise that upheaval, and the associated “Iwould never dreamed of it” tasks. Is this my blog?

  5. Niece Whit

    I was in a deep relaxtion during a pedicure when she showed me that pic. She was a little worried and jealous at the same time. She would like to have Titan’s colors in her house!

  6. Julie–Hard to imagine just one room that color, let alone an entire house. It would give me nightmares.
    UB–Darn straight it’s expensive–why do you think we took six years? That’s a couple of trips to Europe we’re walking on.
    PG–At least we weren’t doing it ourselves. DIY is definitely not our thing.
    Whit–I really had her going!

  7. little sister

    I too was in deep relaxation. I also didn’t have my glasses on. And you sent me a tiny picture! I will get even with you!

  8. Congrats on the new carpet. There are several homes new our office (not in the best of neighborhoods) that put carpet in the yard just like your hubby did but they LEAVE IT for years on end. If your neighbors have a problem with your carpet decor just remind them it could be worse – heh.

  9. Nice carpet! I truly need to have a few rooms done and the recycled aspect intrigues me- could you share the company name? Email me if you don’t want to post it?

    Also, being nosy (I like to walk around the neighborhood looking in people’s windows) who are the portraits of in your living room? Relatives? I can’t make out if they’re famous or not!

  10. Pinchpoke, mama, I was about to ask the same thing. I am dying to know the subject of those portraits.

  11. Or subjectS, I should say.

  12. Little Sister–I’m so scared. 🙂
    Shan–it was all gone the same day. I think we’d be arrested if we left a mess in the front yard.
    Mama–It’s Mohawk Everstrand. As for the portraits, they’re from Husband’s family.
    Elise–See above. Also, it’s time for you to blog again!!!

  13. I blogged, but it was a pretty sad effort. The best I could come up with this week was a list of people who need to fall in a hole. Perhaps once I’m off this diet, I’ll be less crabby/more interesting.

  14. Kudos on the environmental floor covering! It looks great! And maybe in 20 years it will be a faux-wicker table set at an outside cafe in Nashville. 😉

  15. You are so effing green, it’s incredible.

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