A Cruel Hoax?

I have a feeling this is an elaborate, cruel hoax. Somehow, someway, somebody convinced this man to run for governor of the state of Tennessee.

If this wasn’t so sad it would be funny.


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14 responses to “A Cruel Hoax?

  1. Julie

    Shoot, the only thing this man is missing is cowboy boots. And far be it from me to bring up Ms. Palin.

  2. I just don’t know what to say. Poor man. Not a stellar advert for democracy or freedom of speech.

  3. Makes me feel good about living in Georgia. Our Pols just try to out-hate each other and promise a tax reduction and raises for teachers and firefighters and police and….

    Then too, maybe there’s some stimulus money available for the grass planting thing on vacant land.

  4. A dare. It had to be a dare.

  5. Don’t worry. There’s no WAY he can win. Right?

  6. DavidO

    I am just glad he is not a front runner.

  7. Julie–And teeth. He’s missing a few teeth.
    PG–Actually, it’s free speech in action. Just not a good advert for the quality of Republican gubanatorial candidates in Tennessee.
    Dave–Welcome back. I fear this election will get nasty. Primary is just a couple of weeks away.
    Rass–You should see his website–he’s damn near illiterate.
    UB–He will not win, but he’s scary all the same.
    DO–I know, we can be thankful for that at least!

  8. I visit regularly, just don’t often have anything interesting to say.

  9. dinahmow

    Have you ever seen a (now dead) English comedian called Benny Hill?

  10. Susan Cowperthwaite

    Dear Gussie – that is all I can say.

  11. Saw the clip on Stephen Colbert. Could hardly wait to send it to my cousin in Memphis, in case she wants to think about moving, should he win. But where? I used to think it was something in the water here in the south, but no more. They’re EVERYWHERE, including Congress. Yikes!

  12. On one hand he is pure awesomeness and on the other hand I’m sad and embarrassed for him. Seriously, who put him up to this?

  13. Dinah–Thanks for commenting. And you’re right–there is a resemblance.
    Susan–Just tell Gussie not to vote for him!
    MM–So glad to know that whole country knows. I heard the clip is viral on YouTube.
    Franklin–Have you been to the website? It’s lots worse.

  14. tulip

    I saw him on Colbert, too – sadly, he was sharing airtime with the Lt. Gov.; you can’t believe it, but they were both equally bad. Colbert played the Basil clip over and over and over…

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