I Think the Politically Correct Term is “Little People”

Or is it vertically challenged? Perhaps pocket-sized? Or is it just plain short?

Whatever it is, the only word that describes the tiny woman who broke line in front of me today is just plain rude. And I let her get away with it because I didn’t want to seem like a mean tall person.

Shall we give her the benefit of the doubt and say that perhaps she didn’t see me? That would’ve been the equivalent of me saying I didn’t see Yao Ming standing in line, waiting to place my sandwich order at the counter.

I’m the person who ALWAYS calls out the person breaking line or the person with 15 items in the express lane or the person letting his kid wreak havoc in the produce section. But I let this three-foot terror completely silence me.

It’s not her fault that she’s short. It’s not my fault that I’m tall. But it is her fault (or her parents’) that she goes through life expecting special treatment.

I’m sure it’s not easy going through life gazing at people’s zippers. And maybe she doesn’t make this behavior a habit. But she looked straight at me when she stepped up and announced that she was, indeed, next in line.


Hmmmm….I’m about 6’1″ standing on this soapbox.


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13 responses to “I Think the Politically Correct Term is “Little People”

  1. Are you feeling like you might have discriminated against her for not calling her out and sending her little ass to the back of the line?

    I did the same thing at an Aretha Franklin concert in an outdoor venue in Chicago a few years back. A pushy little African American woman shoved everyone out of her way while screaming that she had waited 25 years to see Ms. Aretha Franklin and she wasn’t gonna let anyone stop her.

    Everyone let her pass – we all did, until she got right up to the fence where she had a good view. Those of us that let her pass just stared at each other with incredulous silence. For me, I thought hell, this means more to her than it does to me so I let her in. Then I went back to my comfortable blanket with my wine and cheese and spring rolls and was happy with my decision.

    Maybe you just felt this little person needed the front of the line more than you did.

  2. Boy, am I glad I’m not short. (I’m 6-1 without the soap box). Women DO NOT like short men. I have a friend who’s a great guy but has never had a girlfriend because he’s very, very short. They do suffer for it. It’s really hard to get someone to sleep with you if you’re short.

  3. This obviously happened to Randy Newman once, too. No other explanation for his rather nasty little song, “Short people”.

  4. I say cut her a break. Just think of how many times she got in line just to see, “You must be this tall to ride this ride,” and had to walk away in tears.

  5. Dingo comes close to making me feel like she should get away with it; but, like you, I am infuriated.

    My Uncle is in a wheelchair. He has been paralysed from the waist down since he was 16. He’s an incredible person. He hates it when ‘gimps’ get special treatment of this ilk (he surely appreciates the special treatment of ramped sidewalks!). Something he once said resonates: “Even ‘handicapped’ people can be assholes.”

  6. Julie

    As a very experienced lifelong “back row in every school picture person” as well as a “girl always told to take the boy’s part in square dance lessons in gym classes”, I rather like to think that it’s just as hard for the little people to always be looking at my chin as it is for me to always be looking at their scalps. But on the other hand, there are small in stature people, and there are small in mind people. I experienced the latter today while driving. A big old van zoomed right in front of me. When I was able to get a better look at this brilliant driver, I saw just such a person in the driver’s seat. On her bumper was one of those fish emblems. But whoa, is that another story!!

  7. Mama–I love blankets and wine and cheese and spring rolls. Sounds better than standing by a fence any day.
    UB–I hope your friends finds a great woman who looks beyond his height.
    PG–I have this other short (but not miniature) friend who always sings that at karaoke. But you’re probably right–he must’ve had a similar experience.
    Dingo–I know that what you suggest is the right thing to do. And it’s easier now that it’s a new day and I have vaca on the horizon.
    Ellie–Your uncle sounds like a great guy and I wish him continued health. Maybe you should blog about him. 🙂
    Julie–You are very wise. (And did you hear Fr. Bob’s sermon about the car with the fish emblem a few weeks ago?)

  8. It may be an honorific position, but anyone who can punch me in the groin from a standing position deserves respect.

  9. FiveFeetTall

    I’m a short person (5′) and think you’re equating height (or lack of it) with unmannerly behaviour. There are boors (and bitches) of all shapes and sizes – you just happened to be in a line where a short one shoved her way in. Next time, it could be somebody 6’5″…..

  10. OZ–Welcome to Franklin, please come back anytime.
    FFT–Welcome to you as well. I didn’t mean to give that impression–I think it was the sense of entitlement that got to me.

  11. I don’t think I would have called her out. I might have done something passive aggressive, though, like accidentally tripped over her and then, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t even notice you were there! I’ll bet you could just cut your way into the front of a line with no trouble, you little stinker.”

  12. Shan

    Evidently entitledness comes in all sizes.

  13. Niece Whit

    Sure am glad you were out of town for the little people convention in Nashville. I believe there was over 700 “little people.” So sorry you missed that Tante!!!!

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