Cane Poles and Elephant Salad

When I was a little girl, we used to go fishing at Mr. Robinson’s lake by my aunt’s farm. It was called a lake, but in reality it was just a rather large pond.

There weren’t enough “real” fishing poles to go around–rods and reels–and a couple of us always had to make do with the cane poles made from bamboo. When you fish with a cane pole, the line is always the same length and the only way to get your hook in the water is to swing the pole in that direction. Four foot tall children swinging seven-foot long poles gets a little dicey, and on more than one occasion, the hook landed somewhere other than it’s intended target. Actually, I don’t remember if we ever caught any fish.

I haven’t fished with a cane pole in decades, but if I needed one, I wouldn’t have to look far.

One of husband’s hobbies is bamboo. We have a stand that been growing for close to 6 years.

During that time, it’s created an almost impenetrable wall between us and our neighbors. The woman who lives on the other side really doesn’t like it. I think she’s afraid that Viet Cong are hiding in there. But now it’s grown so much that it needs to be thinned out. Husband called the zoo and asked if they could use any extra bamboo and they said yes, indeed…the elephants would love it. So one of these days we’ll be loading up the trailer with elephant salad.

And just in case you were wondering just how tall this stand really is, take a look at how it towers over Husband who is about 5’10”:


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10 responses to “Cane Poles and Elephant Salad

  1. Julie

    Remember your monkey grass problem? Do you still have the names of the guys who got rid of it for you? I think you should call them soon. Other wise you all are going to wake up one morning to find bamboo breaking through the walls of your house. But a great horror show idea, yes?

  2. Julie–actually, the monkey grass people were here this weekend cleaning out beds and spreading mulch. The bamboo is surrounded by concrete, so we’re safe!

  3. i saw bamboo that had to be 30′ tall in the rainforest in peru – not native, brought in to help prevent erosion. it was impressive. dats a lotta elephant chow!

  4. Bamboo is great for birds, but I’ve seen how it spreads! How far deep is yours encased? I would only consider it if I had elephants or pandas, which I don’t, yet.

  5. I love bamboo. I think it’s elegant. There’s a stand down the street from my house in New Jersey. Who would have thought that bamboo could grow in a changing climate like this!

  6. Cindy, I learn something new every time I visit here! We have lots of bamboo, too, and so we’ll have to ask at the local zoo if they’d like some for the elephants. Thanks for the idea.

  7. Daisy–In the late spring it’ll grow a foot a day–you can almost watch it.
    PG–Ours has concrete on three sides, so keeping it in check is not a problem.
    UB–There are actually several varieties (I think we have four), all bred for different characteristics.
    Susie–I’ll let you know how our experiment goes.

  8. You should get a panda. You should get TWO pandas. Yeah.

  9. You’ve brought me back to 5 in the morning, 6 or 7 years old. My Dad wakes me up, put coffee in a thermos, and we drive out to a lake where we fish with live crickets as bait. My pole was a fancy cane pole, polished and varnished. No reel though. Just drop the line in and pull it out. We caught lots of fish the size of a good-sized man’s hands. We brought them home and my mom fried them up. Those were good times with my father. He was always a better person when it was just the two of us. No brothers around to make his inner marine come out.

  10. Rass–Yeah, two pandas. That’s EXACTLY what I need.
    Ellie–Sounds like this brought back some good memories. I’m glad.

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