Q&A–It’s a Meme Thing

I was tagged by The Unbearable Banishment who was tagged by Leah, who was tagged by Scarlet. I answer the 10 questions UB wrote. In turn, I am to write 10 questions of my own and tag six people.

Here are UB’s questions and my answers.

1. George Bush. Lindsay Lohan. Dick Cheney. You have to sleep with one, marry one and kill one.

I’m going to  marry George for the simple reason that he is rich. I’m  going to sleep with Lindsay because I always did like The Parent Trap. That means I have to kill Dick Cheney. But I’m going to deny ever saying so.

2. Would you prefer a comfortable relationship that was passionless or a torrid affair that’s riddled with angst and uncertainty?

I don’t function well with angst and anxiety. Plus, passion can grow from comfort.

3. What is your drink of choice?

Truly, it depends on the time of day. First thing in the morning, coffee with hot skim milk. I’ll chase that with Diet Pepsi. For cocktails I usually choose a nice hoppy beer or pinot grigio. Ah screw it, it’s beer. No matter the time of day.

4. Would you rather work an interesting job that was low-paying and be under constant financial duress, or have a comfortable lifestyle with a job that wasn’t very satisfying (but not a nightmare)?

Man, I am so shallow. Give me the $$-especially if the job isn’t a nightmare. It’s just a job.

5. You are boarding a plane tomorrow morning. Where are you going?

Ohhh….now you’re talking. Probably Argentina–it seems to be next on the travel agenda. But I’m not going anywhere exotic until I get my new passport.

6. What was the last piece of music you purchased?

Just downloaded that Train song in the commercials–Soul Sister. Again, how shallow can I be, getting music from tv commercials.

7. If a book isn’t working for you, do you hang on hoping for redemption or bail out?

I bail in a New York minute. My most famous bail was The Kite Runner–a book everyone I know adores. Just didn’t float my boat.

8. Is it easy for you to admit when you’re wrong? Let’s be honest here.

How would I know? 🙂

9. Do you think fame is a useful tool or more trouble than it’s worth? If it came knocking on your door, would you open it?

Around here famous people are pretty much left alone. I think it’s definitely a useful tool for raising awareness and channeling funds to people who need them.

10. Fill in the blank. I wish my parents had not smoked.

Now I choose 6 people to answer the following questions. If you’d rather not, no biggie. My choices are:

Ellie at The Daily Smoke

Pueblo Girl

Zen Mama



Elise at SinPatalones

Ginny at Praying to Darwin

Hmmmm…no men. Too bad.

Here are the questions:

1. You have magical powers and can go back in time to the concert of your choice. Who is it?

2. You must choose between two candidates to be Ruler of the World. One is a cat. One is a dog. Who do you vote for and why?

3. Mountains or beach?

4. Are you interested at all in the local politics where you live, or do you only pay attention in national elections?

5. You have the opportunity to tell off the person you most despise without any repercussions. Do you? Who is it?

6. Do you have too much stuff or not enough stuff?

7.  The house is on fire. What do you grab first (excluding people and pets)?

8. What place in the world would you visit again and again?

9. Do you ALWAYS answer the phone, or just let it ring?

10. Does your family know about your blog?

There you go. Have at it.


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9 responses to “Q&A–It’s a Meme Thing

  1. Nice work! And so fast. If I ever meet the author of The Kite Runner I’m going to punch him in the nose for dragging me down so low. I’ll answer a few because nobody said I can’t.

    1. I’m going back to that Pretender’s concert at The Ritz in New York. It was absolute magic.

    3. Beach, baby. Always has been. Always will be. Drinking a cup of coffee that’s gone cold is as close as I ever get to roughing it.

    4. My interest in ALL politics has waned in the last few years. Too much fighting.

    5. It’s not good to have all that darkness and anger in your head. I’ll pass.

    7. As many rare books as I can carry. Books + fire = a very sad UB.

    8. London.

    9. I hate to admit this in a public place but my phone never rings. Seriously.

    10. Indeed, they do.

    All of my picks were girls. Humm.

  2. Oh, boy! I will jump right on this first thing in the morning. Thanks for including me. 🙂

  3. Yikes, I am equal parts honored and horrified but up to the challenge. Oy vey!

  4. Strangely enough, I would have given the same answer to #1. But more because W would be malleable and easily controlled.

  5. Liked your answer to no. 8.
    Thanks for including me, I’ll have a go at this one.

  6. Psst, Unbearable: you’re so fast! Replying every where, proper indentation and everything!

    HIF: I love Question 10. I wish it were mine I’ll answer: Nope, my family doesn’t know about my blog. I think about typing in their email ids in the RSS thing so they get updates but then I imagine their reaction to certain posts, get terrified, brain goes eeeeeeeee and so I don’t. Phew! The thought, THE THOUGHT!

  7. I wish I’d bailed on the Kite Runner. Meh.

    Thanks again.

  8. UB–Surely your phone rings sometime–or is someone jamming you?:)
    Elise and Zen–You’re very welcome.
    AFM–Seems like almost everyone I’ve read had the same answer. Dumb ol’ George.
    Nim–My family all reads my blog. Occasionally I’ll password protect something, but usually that’s work related.
    PG–Actually, I do admit when I’m wrong. I was just being a smartass. I look forward to your answers.
    Ginny–So glad that both you and UB feel the same about Kite Runner. Honestly, what was the big attraction?

  9. I didn’t tag anyone–don’t really know who to tag that hasn’t already tagged me. I did answer the questions though. 🙂

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