Got ’em:


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9 responses to “Whacked-the-Mole

  1. Capo di tutti capi

    Is the penny there for scale or did the mole have that on him when you rubbed him out? If it’s the latter, how do we know robbery wasn’t the real motive here?

  2. So, um, did you eat ’em?

  3. I’m sure there’s a level of satisfaction to your kill but I’m betting there are more where he came from.

  4. “Wind in the Willows” was clearly not a formative book in your childhood, then.

  5. Capo–When you’re married to an engineer, the penny is ALWAYS to show scale.
    Dingo—Made a nice molé sauce. (That was waaaaaaaaay too easy.) 🙂
    UB–Actually, they roam alone. Those tunnels were his and his alone. Of course, that doesn’t mean a neighboring mole won’t take up residence.
    PG–You’re right–I never read it. However, I would never, ever kill a hobbit.

  6. Aww. Poor little dude. But he did kind of ask for it. Its not like there aren’t fields somewhere that he could tunnel in rather than wrecking your lawn.

  7. That is an update!

    Pueblo Girl’s comment made me laugh.

    Franklin’s response to PG made me laugh again.

    Hurrrah for laughter!

  8. Sniff. Poor little feller.

    And I do snicker over the penny. I, too, am married to an engineer.

  9. OMG look at those little mole hands. So cute.

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