Reality TV Meltdown–Kelly Crashes

I’m a reality tv junkie.

First there was Survivor, then Queer Eye for the Straight Guy followed by America’s Next Top Model and  Top Chef. Let it be known, however,  that I’ve never watched a single episode of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette or anything involving former Playboy bunnies or women who want to sleep with Brett Michaels. I have my standards.

Several years ago Bravo tv served up the Real Housewives of Orange County (tacky). Their success led to an Atlanta version (tacky and nouveau), a New Jersey version (tacky, nouveau and loud) and my favorite, New York. The shows are shot months before they air and are edited and hyped to elicit maximum drama.

I’m wondering if they went too far Thursday night.

Five of the seven New York women were vacationing at an elegant villa in the Caribbean. These women have a history of cat fighting, and, like any good soap opera, you need a score card to remember who’s mad at who.

But in the latest episode a morning spat turned into a complete emotional psychotic meltdown by dinnertime–it would’ve been obvious to anyone watching that the woman in question, Kelly Bensimon, was falling apart. I don’t know if she was drunk or coked up or just plain crazy, but it was painful, and riveting to watch.

She accused one woman of channeling the devil and being a vampire.

She said another had repeatedly tried to  kill her and that her tongue was made of knives.

She said she never ate processed food and then lit into a bag of gummy bears.

She started called one woman Al Sharpton for no apparent reason.

She was really over the edge and it made me wonder just how iron-clad the release forms must be that these women sign.

This woman is the mother of two young girls who will see this one day and I wonder if there were any legal maneuvers to block its airing. I also wonder just how far reality tv will go with its content. And how far some people will go to find fame.

The cult of celebrity is powerful and everyone needs a little validation sometimes. We all want to be told we’re smart or admired or pretty.

But if 15 minutes of fame means a lifetime of embarrassment, I’ll pass.


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12 responses to “Reality TV Meltdown–Kelly Crashes

  1. LibraryGirl62

    And I agree. I would NEVER do one of those All up in your private lives shows…But What Not To Wear…Count me in 🙂

  2. Thursday night was so disturbing and uncomfortable even for a train-wreck watcher like me. I thought that Bravo would pull the episode from their web site but it’s still there (I just checked). All of those women have issues but my goodness, Kelly needs some serious help.

  3. And “satchels of gold,” has got to be one of the most bizarre rantings I’ve ever heard.

  4. This kind of makes me think that blogs are another version of reality TV, in a way. And the train crashes get the most traffic.

  5. Julie

    Do you really and truly think this stuff is for real? Is it just maybe possible that these people wait for that camera to start rolling before pitching a fit?
    I’ve often wondered what happens, for example, to a couple who have been flown to New York from some wide place in the road in order to confront each other on tv about, say, another wife or a child belonging to some other daddy. In the hotel room do they actually not know why they’ve been flown to N.Y. for this show? And if not, what happens in the same hotel room after the show?
    I know this is a little off your subject, but maybe it applies after all. Those daughters of the berserk woman you talked about–maybe they’re looking forward to a big shopping spree when mama gets off this gig, and everybody going out to dinner and laughing themselves silly about the performance.

  6. I draw the line at Survivor. I find myself strangely addicted to it. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever missed an episode. But I don’t watch any other reality TV. Strange how I could be so drawn to one but repulsed by the rest.

  7. tulip

    Confession – No Survivior, but some Real Housewives. Who thinks that stuff is real?? If you’re into fits (sometimes even meltdowns), check out Say Yes to the Dress. Sometimes it’s a toss up on who you’d want to slap – the bride or the mama. But again – reality? Hardly.

  8. Neice Whit

    OMG…not to mention why do some people make lemonade out of lemons!! bahahaha

  9. LG62-Stacey and Clinton crack me up. But I wouldn’t want them poking around in my closet.
    Dingo–Satchels of gold is just so bizarre–I can’t even fathom what she meant. And, evidently, she can’t tell Jack Nicholson from Al Sharpton.
    PG–I guess it just proves the old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
    Julie–Ordinarily the cynic inside me would agree with you, but I’ve been watching this woman become odder and odder of the last two years. I think this was genuine-she’s not smart enough to fake it.
    UB–Has there ever been a more clueless player in Survivor history than Russell? What a douche.
    Tulip–I haven’t seen the dress show…last thing I need is another reality show on my agenda. I’ll take your word for it regarding the meltdowns.
    Whit–And what was it she said about mountains and molehills? She got that all messed up too.

  10. I realize my cynicism knows no bounds, but my assumption as regards all “reality” teevee is that none of it is real/all of it is staged.

    I’ve never watched any of the Housewives shows, but I have my own guilty, um, pleasures, and I pretty much lump them all together.

    There’s a reason there are 20-30 writers listed in the credits of these programs. Know what I mean?

    And, oh, dear God, I can’t even imagine what Stacey and Clinton would say about my wardrobe. Although I wouldn’t stand meekly by, wringing my hands and crying, because seriously, has that Stacey woman ever looked in a mirror? She’s downright frightening (not to mention mean, sanctimonious, and just plain rude), that one. I loved the Tim Gunn makeover show. He was constructive and kind. So the show was canceled, of course.


  11. Neice Whit

    OMG I just watched the meltdown I do believe the woman is on pills. Yes, lots of pills and pinot!

  12. Niece Whit

    Correction Niece Whit….lol

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