I Just Found Half a Bunny in the Cat Food Bowl

I was on the phone, walking through the kitchen and saw something odd on top of the Purina Cat Chow. I knew better than to look too close so I just walked away. After I hung up the phone,  I contemplated my next step.

Ordinarily I would pretend like I didn’t see it and wait for Husband to get home, but that could be a while and I didn’t want to have to separate the Kitty from her kill.

Beside, I had just bragged to a friend that small dead animals didn’t scare me. She had a rodent of unknown origin in her basement–probably as a result of all the recent flooding. According to her, it had long tail, a large head and was putrid. Her first attempt at removal was unsuccessful, despite the fact that she wore dark glasses so that she really couldn’t see it. She just couldn’t bring herself to get close enough to touch it, even with gloves.

Plan B involved her large, but admittedly less-than-brave dog. She thought the dog would pick up the rodent and carry it outside. The dog thought differently.

I told her I would come do it. All it would take was a shovel and a receptacle and the rodent would be gone.

But my brave friend did it herself and I am proud of her for it.

So that’s why I had to suck it up and get the bunny out of the house. I slid the bowl onto a dust pan and took it outside. The bunny was unceremoniously dropped in some brush under a tree. With a little cat chow stuck to its innards.

Last year, I was able to save the bunny. This time, the cat won.

So, I’m really not afraid of small dead mammals.

However, even the thought of a snake makes me nervous and shakey. Whenever I get out of bed at night to go to the bathroom, this is my prayer:

Please God, don’t let me step on a snake. Please God, don’t let me step on snake.

I don’t care if I’m in a Manhattan high rise, a retreat house in England or a ship in the middle of the ocean. My first thought when my feet hit the floor is of snakes.

Not that I’ve ever actually stepped on one, but you never know what’s under the bed.


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15 responses to “I Just Found Half a Bunny in the Cat Food Bowl

  1. little sister

    I never knew you were that scared of snakes. You need to teach your kitty to leave her kill outside. That’s what Puff does with his!

  2. this is bravery. we do what we have to when no one else is around. for me? spiders… i will ask a small child to do the job if no one else is in range…

  3. Aren’t pets wonderful? You can always count on them to help you grow as a person.

    You may want to stop reading here. My previous dog used to bring half-eaten, oozing cow afterbirths to the door of the house and leave them there. I lived alone at the time. It wasn’t fun.

  4. Julie

    When we used to be owned by a cat who brought us goodies at the back door, my husband would always quietly remind me that I was supposed to show gratitude for the gift. I guess screaming and saying “eeyew” wasn’t showing gratitude, was it.
    Now on the subject of snakes, well. . .that is truly a biblical story!!!

  5. Mother

    I forgot to tell you the other night (post flood) Wilomenia brought in a live little bird and let it loose. It was 11 at night and I couldnt catch it so I just went to bed and closed my door to any intruders. The next morning there were just a few feathers in the sun room- no blood or entrails – she must have been hungry.

  6. That the cat would bring you a lovely gift like that says a lot about how much she loves you. When I lived in Manhattan, my cats use to bring me waterbugs. Do you know what a waterbug is? It’s like a cockroach but the size of a shoe.

  7. LS–The fact that you can say Puff and kill in the same sentence is hysterical.
    DF–I’m not in love with spiders either, but I can deal with them.
    PG–Ok, you win the gross out award for the day. Can anybody out there top that?
    Julie–I wish she’d leave them at the back door. But I do find it strangely endearing that she puts it in her bowl.
    Mother–There’s no telling what goes on in the rest of your house while you’re asleep.
    UB–I’d have to say that cockroaches are almost as bad as snakes in my opinion. I don’t think we have them here. Ugh.

  8. We must be on the save wavelength. I just posted about feeding my ex-husband’s balls to the bunnies in my yard. It’s all about saving the bunnies, ya know.

  9. tulip

    Our late Irish Setter used to catch garter snakes and leave them on the back porch. I was happy when we moved to a house with a less snake-filled yard.
    We must be related – I, too, have that same fear of snakes. That’s why I have a nightlight. In almost every room of the house. Because you never know.

  10. I remember the first time my cat brought home a baby bunny. Came walking up to my wife and I as we sat on the porch and just sat it down at our feet.

    It was still alive. Just a bit . . .


  11. Once I was planting moonflower vine seeds and when I stuck my finger down into the soil, it MOVED!!!! Yup– snake. (Whatever that kind is that plays dead. Didn’t matter; I won the scared sh–less contest hands down. )

    I only plant seeds I can sprinkle now.

  12. Julie

    Concerning the new photo–hope that sweet bluebird knows how to stay out of the way of cats!

  13. You don’t ever know, but it’s almost never going to be snakes!

  14. Niece Lash

    My prize present was a mouse, maybe a vole. I flushed it.

  15. For me it’s roaches. Whenever I’m home in AZ, there is a very good chance that there could be a scorpion just about anywhere in the house at any time. Most of my family members have been bitten multiple times. But I didn’t have the same sense of fear that I have when a cockroach could be around (like in my old flat). Never once did I go in to the bathroom at ease. God, I’m so glad I moved.

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