Rain. It’s what’s for dinner. And breakfast. And elevenses. And on and on.

They told us it was going to rain. They said that might be a lot. But these are the same people who break the hearts of school children year in and year out with their predictions of snow.

Who knew they’d get it right this time.

It started raining early yesterday morning. By noon, we’d had 4 inches. And it was still coming down. I went to my mother’s house which had flooded–on this same date–many years before. Her front yard was under water and it was trickling in the sunroom. Our emergency precautions included putting furniture on stacks of old National Geographics. We ran out of magazines and I convinced her to use the old World Book encylopedias.

I left a few hours later and learned that while I was gone the water, which had been scant in my basement when I left (Husband was dealing with it) had risen four inches. It had gone down by the time I got home.

And it was still raining. By 7 p.m. Saturday we’d had more than 11 inches.

Today there’s major flooding in town. Major thoroughfares are under water and in Nashville even the interstates are blocked. This is less than mile from my mother’s.

 Thing is, this is just flash flooding. The river won’t crest until tomorrow at least.  

In all, we’ve had 15+ inches at my house in the last 36 hours–that’s 25% of our yearly total.

But that’s piddling. I have friends and family who are literally stranded, without power. My brother has eight neighbors who were flooded out at his house. Lots of people have lost lots of stuff and it’s still raining . Just seeing some scenes in west Nashville on the news now, utter destruction.

But this wouldn’t be Music City without at least one country music star story–while I was watching one of the local stations Naomi Judd called in to say that her fences had washed away and her buffalo were running lose. She wanted her neighbors to know. Husband pointed out that she could’ve just called the neighbors instead of the tv station. Guess that’s why the stars are different from you and me.

If you’re of a mind to, check out the scene online…just google Franklin floods, or Nashville. And be glad you’re high and dry.


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10 responses to “Rain. It’s what’s for dinner. And breakfast. And elevenses. And on and on.

  1. kleverkira

    We’re fortunately safe and dry. We didn’t even lose power. But a few of our friends were not so lucky. I’ve never watched so much local news coverage in my life. The devastation is just terrible.

  2. over 15″ in 36 hours?!?! it’ll take awhile before all that water goes away… flooding is the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving…. ouch. hope it stops soon…

  3. Hope things get better before they get too bad …

  4. Who the hell keeps buffalo in their backyard? They’re not pretty to look at, although several diners here in NYC serve buffalo burgers and they are quite tasty.

    10,000 thank-yous for the link, by the way. You know how much I love hits.

  5. Julie

    “How high’s the water, Mama? Two feet high and risin’.” I kept thinking of that song all day yesterday. Well, looks like that dove with the branch in his beak may have landed on the roof at last this morning. Now the question is, when does this ark get unloaded?

  6. cindy f

    I thought that we had left the floods behind in Louisiana…we have minimal water in the crawl space under our house, but truly no reason at all to complain. Our water service has been restored. No land line telephone service for weeks from what we hear, but my tech-savvy friends have been telling me that this is a dinosaur anyway. I have been looking forward to reading your insights on this landmark event….love the emergency precautions!

  7. Wow, that’s a lot of rain! Interesting that Judd has buffalo. In her yard. That’s weird.

  8. Hope you are still staying dry and safe!!

  9. I’m waiting for Pat Robertson to make some sort of announcement about how you all have brought this on yourselves.

    On a serious note, I am glad you are safe. A friend of mine sent me a pic of a house floating down I-24 and other pics of people completely cut off and stranded. It’s terrifying.

    Keep safe. Keep us posted.

  10. I hope you’re keeping safe and that it all subsides for you very soon.

    You’re in my thoughts xx

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