The Sanctity of Saturday Morning

For as long as I can remember, Saturday mornings have been special…a respite from either school or work. I often have lots to do on Saturday, but those first few moments on Saturday morning–when you wake up on your own and not because an alarm clock is blaring inches from your head–those moments are sacred.

When you live in a neighborhood, even one with big yards like ours, you have to respect the rights of those living around you. You pick up your dog poop, you maintain your property and you observe the sanctity of Saturday morning.

Today, at 7:15 a.m., my neighbor decided to fire up the weedeater. It’s spring, and my windows are open. He might as well as fired off a shotgun. So I was jarred awake by his rudeness. This isn’t the first time he’s done this. Once it was a leaf blower at 6:10 a.m.

I would really like to know what makes him think that operating power tools at that time of day is acceptable behavior. It’s not like I was going to lay in bed until noon. I would’ve been up soon anyhow. But under my own power, not his.

I called his house. When I asked his wife if she didn’t agree that 7:15 was a little early for weedeating she equivocated and said that it wasn’t too early for him. He stopped for a while, but was back at it by 8:30…still too early if you ask me.

The thing about noise is that it knows no boundaries or property lines. Noise skips around corners, climbs up stairs and trickles into open bedroom windows.

My sister theorized that he was just getting back at us for torching our yard few weeks ago.

Maybe so.


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10 responses to “The Sanctity of Saturday Morning

  1. Your neighbor’s cousin must live near us. I had a similar experience this morning. Although it didn’t wake me, I’d still like to hear birdsong instead of power motors with my morning coffee.

    And don’t get me started about the kid who has the bass in his car stereo ramped up enough to rattle windows when he leaves for school on weekday mornings.

  2. But let’s have some fotos of that torched lawn now! I’ve been lucky to have relatively considerate neighbours. Years and years ago I lived nexted to a musician. He composed soundtracks for movies. I don’t know why, but Saturday morning was his morning for playing Tina Turner’s Private Dancer very loudly on his piano. It made me chuckle and I would sing along. This drove The Man crazy.

  3. Have you ever noticed how people up with the dawn using noisy implements take a morally superior stance? As if being unable to sleep were a sign of virtue, and sleeping a sign of moral turpitude?

  4. If a phone call won’t do it, then it’d time for Plan B: torching HIS lawn. That’ll get his attention.

  5. Julie

    I think you should have suggested marriage counseling. What would cause a man to go out that early on a Saturday morning to do battle with weeds? Or maybe wife sent him out there. At any rate, sad for you. And good for you that you called them on it. You go, Cindy!!

  6. Oh my god, that drives me nuts. Although my sleep in day is Sunday, I look forward to that day every week. Don’t mess with my sleep-in day!

    I just don’t understand people who have no consideration for others. I put the early morning leaf blowers and lawn mowers in the same category as the people whose earphones are so loud, my fillings vibrate. They must be stopped!

  7. All–thank you for your comments. Tonight it was the leaf blower to expunge the 3 leaves on the driveway. OCD much?

  8. You need to give my kids a call and explain to them that 6:30 on a Saturday morning is a socially unacceptable hour to be awake and hassling me.

  9. People are really respectful about that kind of thing around here for them most part – I guess living in closer quarters does that to you. In fact, I fear I’m often at the weedwacking end of things, because often times I think nothing of turning up the music at 4:00 p.m. to then get reminded by my husband that it is ‘siesta’ time and I’m being very rude. Ooops.

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