Franklin in Bloom and Our Scorched Earth Policy

It’s spring in Franklin and that means beautiful blooms are everywhere you look. 

Here are the Easter flowers at church this morning: 

  This house in the historic district…


Even in my own neighborhood…



 And then we round the corner and come to my house:

Yes, that is my yard. On fire. Not from a cigarette idly tossed from a passing car. Not by something dramatic like a lightning strike. But by Husband’s own hand. He does this every few years–torches the yard to get rid of the thick bermuda grass thatch.

It stinks for a while and the neighbors certainly don’t appreciate it, but a month from now I promise you we’ll have the prettiest stand of grass around.  In fact, the new shoots are already coming up.


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18 responses to “Franklin in Bloom and Our Scorched Earth Policy

  1. The blossom pics are fantastic! It seemed like this winter would never end. I’ve never heard of torching your own lawn. I’m going to run out and try it, just to see the reaction from my neighbors.

  2. we’re about 2 weeks away from cherry blossoms – and every year i miss the weeping cherry that lived in front of my first house… “yard torching” – that is my kind of landscape maintenance!

  3. Your man is a firestarter! Woohoo!

    Love the pictures of the blossoms.

  4. What beautiful spring pics, Cindy.

    The town really lets people burn stuff?

  5. UB–You should try it…just make sure you have the proper permits.
    DF–What I really want are dogwoods, but haven’t gotten around to planting any.
    Ellie–Yes! A firestarter, only he does it with matches, not his brain like the scary little girl in the Stephen King novel.
    Susie–We’re not in the city limits, so I think the rules are little more lax. We did have a permit though.

  6. Julie Fisher

    Oh, how fun to see my altar flowers on your website!
    Second comment: I will not show this to my husband. I just know he would love to try this scorching thing on our yard. What is it with husbands and the grass???

  7. Susan Cowperthwaite

    Beautiful picture of the beautiful flowers Julie did at St. Paul’s! 🙂

  8. Yesterday was warm enough to have breakfast in the garden. I was dismayed to see that the grass-mowing season is about to begin. I clearly need a flame thrower.

  9. beautiful spring photo shots.

  10. Good golly miss molly, those trees look like clouds.

  11. Beautiful (all but the yard but I believe you on that). Your altar at church was awesome. I’ll remember that, being on the flower guild at St. Margaret’s. Are you Episcopalian as well?

  12. The flowers on the altar ARE gorgeous. Wish I’d had that inspiration for our wedding several years ago!

  13. Julie–You ARE the flower lady!
    Susan–They were gorgeous!
    PG–Yes, warmer weather means mowing the lawn. But that’s a small price to pay for being able to go barefoot.
    Rass–It’s been a really pretty spring in these parts.
    Amy–Yes…St. Paul’s is a small, historic church here–oldest Episcopal church in Tennessee.
    Kira–You could smell the lillies all through the sanctuary.

  14. I saw the most interesting show on History Channel last night about how states got their shapes. Franklin was featured since it was, at one time, a state. (I had no idea, but it certainly contributed to our weird NC/TN border!

  15. Your husband is a wise man, understands the rejuvenating power of fire.

    Plus, lighting stuff on fire rocks!

  16. OMG! How did you guys pull that off? Does your city let you do that? I can’t wait to see the after pictures. I know from living in the desert how important fire is for rebirth.

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