How many college graduates does it take? Or, can I please get a Geek Squad consult over here?

Remember this?

It was this:

Forty two inches of digital, high def goodness.

We got the box from the cable company, plugged it in and sat back to watch. We oohed and aahed at the picture and congratulated ourselves on our move into grown up TVdom. But a couple of things didn’t seem quite right. The tv remote and the cable remote won’t sync, no matter how many times I put in the codes numbers and push the buttons. The picture was ok…but many not quite as good as other HD tvs we’d seen other places. But it was a total improvement from what we had.

But the other night I was randomly scrolling through the on-screen guide and found myself up in the 200s. Hmmm, wonder why all those channels have HD by their name…ESPNHD…TLCHD…BravoHD…I clicked and suddenly noticed a little blue light that came on the cable box. I looked closely. HD is what it indicated. For nearly two months we only thought we were watching HD.

Clearly we are not to be trusted with expensive electronics. And now I have to relearn all the channels.

Is it just us, or are any of you willing to admit to similar mistakes?


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20 responses to “How many college graduates does it take? Or, can I please get a Geek Squad consult over here?

  1. Mother

    I will run by the Comcast place tomorrow and pick you up a list of ALL the comcast stations. I need a new one myself. (It is Free)

  2. Just last night I thought my cable was out but it was lack of remote-know-how. Input, HDM1, WTF?

  3. I laughed. Not AT you, exactly. More like near you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I have the last tube TV in existence. Because technology frightens me.

  4. No, I’m not willing to admit to similar mistakes. I’m not saying that there aren’t any. I’m just not willing to admit any of them.

  5. I can still remember the days when you bought something, took it home, unwrapped it, plugged it in and turned it on. I miss those days.

  6. Now, THAT’S funny! If it happens to me (to date, we don’t have HD) I wonder if I’ll have the confidence to blog about it? Technology was suppose to set us free and make us smarter. What the hell happened?!

  7. Mother–Thank you!
    Zen Mama–Do you have Comcast? They really have gotten better with their customer service and can usually fix my problems over the phone.
    Ginny–I think I heard you over all the wailing and knashing of teeth over Canadian ice hockey. ๐Ÿ™‚ As far as technology goes, we’re usually about 2 years behind everyone else when it comes to electronic gadgets.
    Dingo–Don’t you know that admitting your mistakes is the first step toward buying even more complicated gear?
    PG–So even in rural Spain you have these issues?
    UB–Thanks to technology, I now have to remember three different sets of tv channels–HD, regular cable and digital cable.

  8. HiF: I have a DVD player that SO bought 2 years ago. I never use it – I’ve only mastered how to turn it on, which doesn’t get me very far.

  9. little sister

    I told you about those 200’s! I take back everything I said about you needing DVR or TIVO!! Clearly you are not ready.

  10. Ha! Our region went digital last month… In our usual fashion we waited till the last minute to buy a new TV (literally we bought it on the Friday, the following Monday was the day for shutting off the analogue signal). We bought it home and plugged it in… and couldn’t receive anything but the analogue channels. Frantic button pushing and then searching on the internet and i finally discovered that most normal antennas should receive the signal but some would need to be modified… apparently ours was one of those… more frantic phonecalls and a man was located to come and do the modifications…. which he did, that afternoon, climbing up onto the roof with the snow bucketing down to do his thing… we got lucky, but we did feel pretty stupid for not having checked that out earlier!!

  11. That’s cute ๐Ÿ™‚ Kind of a nice surprise though. You thought it was good, then it got even better!

  12. I remember helping my father and his wife get rid of the ‘impaired hearing’ subtitles that they had brought up by pressing an requisite combination of buttons.

    They hadn’t realised they were responsible. They thought the legislation in our middle American state had changed in favour of the hearing impaired.

    “Don’t you guys find these sub-titles annoying?” I ask to make conversation.

    “Oh, yes. Ever since they changed the legislation, it’s been irritating; but it’s all for the best ….” my Dad’s wife’s voice trails off as she harkens back to the days before the FCC forced broadcasting companies to think of the hearing impaired.

    “Um. I’m pretty sure you can turn these off.” I pick up the remote and in another 15 seconds the subtitles have disappeared.

    I loved it.

  13. Yes, when I first experienced HD I spent a weekend at my parents’ house and totally didn’t get what the big deal was. Like you, I did not have it on an HD channel.

    I felt shame.

  14. Oh dear God, the stories I could tell. I have a three year old DVD deck sitting under the bedroom TV that has barely ever even been hooked up. I tried once and never could get any audio. Pfftt.

    If it weren’t for the AT&T U-Verse guy I’d be watching Project Runway on Hulu every week.

  15. Precision Grace

    That made me giggle, but only because I am sure I would have fared far worse. After all, I’m still watching only 5 terrestrial channels available in the UK on a 15 year old cathode ray TV.

  16. PG–You can’t even plug in a toaster these days without programming it first.
    Sis–I forgot. I would like TiVo, just don’t want to pay for it.
    Mon–Glad to know that this is an international problem and not just isolated to my neck of the woods.
    Beth–You are exactly right, you optimist you!
    Ellie–Now that’s pretty damn funny–pesky legislation. Do you think all their friends thought the same thing?
    Daddy-Nothing to be ashamed of–but I am sorry that I really didn’t see all the end of the year football in true HD.
    SP–I just can’t get into Project Runway since the move away from Bravo. Do you think it’s the same?
    Grace–Kudos to you for getting your money’s worth out of that old tv!

  17. I’m the WORST when it comes to electronics. I have no clue how to hook anything up and/or fix anything when it’s broken. But I am prone to freaking the hell out whenever something electronic stops working.

    I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t really notice a difference between HD and regular old television.

    And Project Runway ISN’T the same since moving to Lifetime. It just isn’t and I don’t know why.

  18. Niece Whit


  19. Niece Whit

    You can watch Real Housewives in HD!

  20. A bit late to the party. I bought a Macbook last fall and thought it was defective as right-clicking didn’t bring down the box allowing you to cut, copy, paste, etc. Calling the 800 number, the nice lady told me that Mac laptops (other than new top of the line models) don’t do right clicking. Though I felt dumb, I still think they should – not all things Windows are evil.

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