Finally, the Weather Channel Got It Right

Yesterday it snowed.

It started around 11 at my house.


The weather gurus had been predicting it for a week. But they’ve made so many empty promises before that it was hard to believe that this storm would actually materialize. Just two weeks ago they tantalized us predictions of fluffy flakes that never arrived.

This time,though, they seemed a little more certain. A storm was working its way through Oklahoma and Arkansas and would make to Franklin by midday Friday. By 1 p.m., it looked like this.

I know that if you live in a place with lots of snow…say Iowa or Russia, then you’re probably rolling your eyes. Rest assured, I would if I were you. But you have to understand, we haven’t had a bona fide snow here in YEARS. Here’s the progress a couple of hours later.

And when we woke up this morning…we found not only snow…

But ice as well…

That’s bamboo bent to about half its normal size.

The best thing about snow and ice around here is that it never lasts long enough to get dirty and ugly. It’ll melt away in a day or so, making way for the daffodils that are sure to follow in about a month.


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10 responses to “Finally, the Weather Channel Got It Right

  1. You have a beautiful, stylish house!

    Do you know how you can tell you’re an adult? Snow isn’t fun anymore.

  2. beautiful! even though we still get 30″-35″ of snow over the course of the season in my part of the world, i always get excited about the first snowfall…

  3. Excellent! I’d be excited if I were you too. Seems like every time it has snowed in London recently, I’ve been somewhere else and missed out on all the fun.

  4. i´m dying for it to snow. it´s colder than witches tits here but no snow!

  5. Julie Fisher

    You forgot to mention the grand tradition around here of going to the grocery whenever there is a snow prediction to buy up all the bread and milk in the store. Oh, yes, also you must get the ingredients to make either soup or spaghetti sauce–even if you never make these any other time of the year.
    No place on earth like the South; as the newspaper said this morning, people around here are rather wacky and they still know how to have fun when there’s snow, REAL SNOW.

  6. That house looks like it’s just kind of begging to get snowed on. Beautiful! Enjoy?

  7. UB–Thanks. Trust me, it’s not so stylish on the inside.
    DF–30 inches? Where do you live, Siberia?
    Ellie–From what I’ve heard, city snow isn’t nearly as much fun as country snow.
    Blues–Funny, but I always think of Spain as warm, year-round.
    Julie–Happy Birthday!!

  8. Looks lovely, hope you enjoyed it!

  9. sherwoodisland

    Cindy, when I lived in Nashville in the late 70s and early 80s, I remember it snowing fairly often in January. When you were growing up, did it snow more than it does now?

    I never had the right boots for snow in Nashville. The rain boots were no help whatsoever, filling up at the drop of a hat. And slippery.

  10. I suspect that’s the truth. Quantity plays a significant role as well. 🙂

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