A Really, Really Cold Hike Along the Duck River. (And there was a cave!)

It was 14 degrees when we got up this morning–perfect hiking weather! I gave Husband a book titled 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Nashville and this was the first one we picked. We traveled about 30 miles south to an area mananged by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

My clothes consisted of leggings, cargo pants, cotton turtleneck, hoodie, fleece jacket, thick socks, gloves, knit hat and, unfortunately, Husband’s boots which I had mistaken for my own when I grabbed them from the garage. (He has several pairs.) However, I didn’t discover this problem until we reached the trailhead and changed from car shoes to boots. Luckily, his feet aren’t too big.


Here’s a little of what we saw along the way. (You can click on some of the pictures to see larger images. Not sure why you can’t click on all of them.)


There were lots of plants with these icy curls around them.

Frozen creeks are not a very common sight around here.

This is as close to the edge I get.

We’re going to go back in summer and use this grill.

I like a well-marked trail. (Notice similarity of drawing and actual cave seen below.)


Yes. I went in there. It was dark. 

Here’s Husband on the other end.

When we got back to the car, the temperature had soared to 18 degrees. In celebration of the heat wave, we came home and had mimosas.

A very pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning.


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20 responses to “A Really, Really Cold Hike Along the Duck River. (And there was a cave!)

  1. sherwoodisland

    Cindy, wow! 14 degrees. I’m proud of y’all for getting out and about. It was in the balmy 20s when we skied earlier this week.

  2. Sherwood–I assume you mean snow skiing. Out west or closer to home?

  3. I think you’re crazy! We also have frigid temperatures here, too, but we have 40 mph wind gusts to go with it. I got out the space heater, turned on football and stayed put. Wish I could parlay this into some kind of paying gig.

  4. once properly bundled, a winter hike is unique… it’s just quieter. maybe because smart people stay home, watching football with spaceheaters running full blast, or maybe because the cold eats the sound waves…

    loved the pics…

  5. Good grief, that is too cold for me. YOu guys are brave. Looks beautiful though.

  6. Wow! That book must be really inspiring – not much would prise me out of the sofa by the fire with those temperatures!

  7. I haven’t been on a good hike since my older son was born. Think I may need to ditch them for a good ramble.

  8. Julie Fisher

    Your pictures just make me think “quiet”. I can almost hear the crunch of your shoes. . .and maybe a hawk every once in a while. Beautiful!

  9. What a great book! I wonder if that have one for our area? And I love that you went in the cave. If that had been me, I would have been forced to scare the shit out of my kids and gain some negative karma points.

  10. mongoliangirl

    I love the frozen creek photo. What a treat for you and the hubz, eh?

  11. I love that frozen creek.

  12. UB–If money could be made watching football, I’d be a bajillionaire.
    DF–Thanks. And trust me, we were home in time to watch football. 🙂
    Sarah–If you keep moving, the cold isn’t so bad. But if you stop, frostbite city.
    PGirl–It’s just what we do for love.
    AFM–No comment on the UT hat? The hoodie was of the Big Orange variety too, just covered by the red fleece.
    Julie–It was as quiet as a forest inhabited by me and husband could be…which is to say, not so much.
    NATUI–A little negative karma is necessary from time to time.
    MG–It was a great time, despite the frigid temps and too big boots.
    Rass–I’m pretty sure you and MG were separated at birth.

  13. and here was me thinking 14 degrees, what’s she going on about! that’s not cold… then i realised you mean 14 degrees F not C!! i’m a bit slow sometimes…

  14. Mimosas in the sun sound like a much better option than a hike in the cold.

    Good call on the leggings though. I’m currently seriously contemplating investing in some thermals, its apparently the coldest winter here in 100 years.

  15. Niece Whit

    I wanna join next time! I bet John’s shoes will fit. lol

  16. Mondraussie–weldome to Franklin. That whole C vs F thing gets me every time.
    Beth–when I say leggings, I really mean stirrup pants leftover from the 80s.
    Mrs. Booms-missed you!
    Whit–you can try to keep up with husband, but I bet he’d kick your 22 year old ass!

  17. WHIT

    I’M 23:) LOL

  18. makes me want to get out despite the cold.

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