A Wish and Two Questions

The Wish

I hope that all of you out there have a wonderful holiday filled with good cheer. I’d like to thank all of you for reading, commenting and, if you blog, sharing your own stories. I feel like I have new friends all over the world–from Australia to England to Spain and who knows where else. From big cities like New York and Chicago to Ozark hamlets, Canadian towns and even right here in Franklin. Merry Christmas, y’all.

Question #1

Is this the cutest thing ever? I made it for great niece #3:

Question #2

What in the heck is in this box and how on earth did Husband get it up the steps into the house? It’s approximately 4 feet by 3 1/2 feet. Any guesses?


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15 responses to “A Wish and Two Questions

  1. Thats adorable – I love the little buttons.

    I have no idea what is in the box but I’m very curious.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and new year and that whatever is in the box is something awesome. xx

  2. Julie Fisher

    l. Yes, that is the cutest thing ever. I bet it would really be cute if there were two of them side by side, don’t ya know.
    2. The box contains a big ole giant diamond necklace wrapped around a big old flat screen tv with a big ole capacity to replay every single UT game over and over for all time.
    There! Questions I can answer always. And a big ole Merry Christmas to you and husband!!

  3. Niece Lash

    THE CUTEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for the box, it can’t compare to #1 so I won’t even try to guess that it is a big ole television.

  4. Yankee Pat

    1. Yes
    2. What is inside? 3.What is outside?
    Answer: Typical engineer’s idea of Christmas wrapping paper.

  5. Cutest thing eva!!

    And … television is my guess 🙂 It’s JUST the right size for a nice flat panel you can hang on your wall to watch UT games on 🙂

  6. Oh – and I LOVE his wrapping paper.

  7. A big East Coast Merry Christmas to you and Husband. That’s the most ecologically sound wrapping paper I’ve ever seen. Recycle!

  8. Love the outfit! My guess is a flat screen??? Merry Christmas!

  9. Hummm…you’re trying to get me to think after becoming delirious on holiday candy???
    Yes…it is absolutely darling.
    And, a horse!
    See –> delirious!
    Thanks for a great year HIF. You are lovely and I’m looking forward to 2010 with you.

  10. All–Yes…it was a big ol’ tv–perfect for watching all the bowl games!
    MG–You know, I started a Facebook group called “I never got a pony for Christmas.”

  11. See, now I was going to guess TV!!! I’m always late to the party 😉

    And, yes, that is the cutest thing ever. Nice work!!

    Thanks for stopping by the other day. Any friend of that crazy Ozarkian is a friend of mine…

  12. Merry Christmas to you!

    And, you’ve got mad skills!

    And, The Engineer has bought himself the toy train set he always wanted.


  13. Oh man … I think I unconsciously ripped off your first paragraph when I wrote my xmas post. Too much booze. I will give you credit …

  14. Ellie–I think it’s just a case of great minds. Or booze. 🙂

  15. Jealous of your TV. Actually, jealous that you get to watch all the bowl games. I’ve seen exactly 2. One of which was the Sugar Bowl that I turned off before half time. They aren’t even showing the national championship game down here. Shocking!

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