Christmas Here In Franklin

One of my favorite blogs is The Unbearable Banishment. He lives in New Jersey, but works in New York City. A couple of days ago, he posted some amazing photos of the Lord and Taylor Christmas window displays. I thought I’d do a little photography of my own and show you some of Franklin’s frippery.

These are all from Main Street and around the square.

These are the banners that line Main Street and the Square

This is a fairly typical storefront.

This one says “Let it Snow.” It did actually snow here last night. Here’s proof:

Yes dear readers, that is what passes for snow around here.

Here’s a little more from Main Street:


And here’s our tree.

I think mine is prettier.

Finally, just to prove that this really is still a small town in many ways, I’d say odds are about 50-50 that someone will call my mother and tell her that they saw me standing in the middle of Main Street at 8 o’clock this morning taking pictures without my coat on.


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9 responses to “Christmas Here In Franklin

  1. What a beautiful montage! The doors are the best. We had 18 inches of snow last night. New Jersey is in lockdown mode. A white Christmas, indeed!

  2. Mother

    no calls yet. do you think you should tell them the tree is artificial!!!!

  3. mongoliangirl

    I’m always up for a little HIF frippery. Oh, and tell your mom I said hello.

  4. Well that tree just looks like a slice of Christmas heaven, doesn’t it?

  5. Great pictures! Merry Christmas!!

  6. Julie Fisher

    “Hello, Anne? Julie here. Listen. . .I hate to bother you and all, but I’ll swear I saw a girl the other day, what was it, oh, maybe about 8 o’clock in the morning out there in the middle of the street looked just like your Cindy. And, would you believe, that child didn’t even have a coat on, cold as it was! Well, yes, I am aware she’s grown, but you know kids these days don’t have any real sense until they’re at least 65 years old. Yes, I do think you should talk to her about it. No, please don’t tell her it was me. No, you don’t have to thank me. What are friends for, after all, right??? Bye.”

  7. Did I read correctly? That’s an artificial tree? If so, GOOD FOR YOU!

  8. UB–I’m very jealous of your snow. But not of the problems it causes.
    Mother–Mongolian Girl says to tell you hello.
    MG–See above.
    Rassles–I assume you mean my tree, the nonartificial one.
    Sarah–Thanks and same to you!
    Julie–Now that was funny.
    Ellie–Just the town tree. Mine is real and I have the needles on the floor to prove it!

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