Pictures from Japan (and a little commentary)

If you read the previous post, you already know that I had some difficulties with the food in Japan. Here are a few more examples of what we ate. Or, in some cases, didn’t eat. This was my first breakfast in Japan. It is a bento box bought in the train station, to be eaten on the train to Nikko.

As best I could tell, the two brown objects in the top part of the main section are rice balls covered with fried skin of some sort. It’s not as bad as it sounds. The two rice balls under them are sweet and good. But do you see the dark object in the upper left corner? I bravely put the whole thing in my mouth and that was it for the me and bento box.

This is an omelette. Guess what’s inside. If you guessed sharp cheddar and smoked ham, well, you’re wrong. The correct answer is…wait for it…RICE!! Yippee! A rice omlette.

This was delicious (if you skip the noodles). It’s a rich bacon-y flavored broth. Perfect for a cold day.

Ok…enough about the food. Here are some shots from the gorgeous gardens in Tokyo and Yokahama.



In Japan, the food is gorgeous, the gardens are beautiful. This is a contrast to what I saw in and around the cities which was not very attractive for the most part. Lots of grey, utilitarian buildings. Almost every restaurant or bar we visited had the charm of a public school cafeteria. Nothing inviting or charming. Nothing like a London pub or Paris cafe or Key West patio bar–they were just kind of cold.

But, so was the beer and that’s usually what we were after anyhow.


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6 responses to “Pictures from Japan (and a little commentary)

  1. finding rice inside the omlette was probably better than finding something with tentacles…

  2. A rice omelette doesn’t sound entirely awful.

    The beer sounds much better though…

  3. Thank you for the beautiful garden pics. You’re killing me with these food posts, though. Yes, I suppose I could avert my eyes and not read them, but they’re like a terrible traffic accident where I can’t look away.

  4. Julie Fisher

    I’m thinking that cholesterol is surely not the worst thing that can happen after all.

  5. I don’t know if I can take much more deconstruction of my westernised misconceptions of Japanese food!
    Do tell, what was the dark shiny thing in the corner?
    And what wonderful gardens – shame a Japanese garden would look so weird in a Spanish village (I’d never have to prune rose bushes and fruit trees, or rake leaves again).

  6. DF–I saw enough tentacles to last me a lifetime.
    Beth–Trust me, beer is better.
    UB–I promise, that’s the last of the food. I still have the toilets to tell you about though.
    Julie–The last night we went to the gourmet market across the street and bought some cheese and crackers.
    PG–I don’t know what the dark shiny thing is, but I ate it. It might have been a little sea urchin for all I know.

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