When Good Intentions Go Bad

Yesterday my co-worker and I were standing on the busy street corner near our office. We were waiting for the light to change and gabbing about the office. There was a thin woman with a scarf tied around her head standing there as well.

“Excuse me,” she said quietly. “Do you know where this is,” she said and showed me a small map. “It’s on Murphy Avenue.”

Fortunately for this woman, she had just asked “She Who Knows Everything” (also known as me) for directions.

“Oh,” I confidently answered. “You mean Murphy Road.”

“I guess so,” the woman said. “I’m supposed to go to the Allen Clinic.”

“Well Murphy Road is that way,” I pointed. “It’s too far to walk, it’s at least a mile.”

She sighed. “Ok, thank you.” And she started walking up the hill to her destination.

This woman was obviously ill and obviously without transportation.

As my friend and I crossed the street, I said that I wished that we could get the woman a taxi and just pay for it to take her to the clinic. My friend agreed and then said “Oh my God, look right there!”

Sure enough there was a taxi at the light we waved it over and as the cab did a u-turn my friend ran up the street to stop the woman. I gave the driver a $20 and we got the woman in the cab and went on our way.

Later in the afternoon I got to thinking. I googled Allen Clinic on Murphy Road. Up it popped. On Murphy AVENUE…not two blocks from where we originally encountered her. It’s an imaging center specializing in the brain.

Crap. I (She Who Knows Everything) had sent this poor brain-sick woman a mile out of her way. I could only hope that the cab driver looked more closely at her little map than I did and delivered her to the right destination.

I told my friend about my mistake and we were both chagrined that our attempt at being good Samaritans might’ve flopped. Thinking that I sent that woman on a wild goose chase is sickening. So here’s hoping for a compassionate cabbie.

What do you think? Are we on the plus side of the karma equation or the negative?


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13 responses to “When Good Intentions Go Bad

  1. Karen

    Plus side. Your intentions were right.

  2. Karen A

    Agree with the other Karen. Plus.

  3. Julie Fisher

    Good intentions are always a prayer in the right direction.

  4. Of course you’re on the plus side. Whether it worked out or not, that was a wonderful thing you meant to do. And as a fellow Know-It-All, when stuff like this happens to me (and it does) it takes my know-it-all-ism down a peg, and makes me more careful the next time. All good.

  5. Total plus. That was so nice. Even if she had to go on a little detour the thought behind the gesture is what counts.

  6. Though the road to hell is, supposedly, paved with good intentions, I think you came out on the right side here. At least you didn’t let/make her walk the whole way in the wrong direction!

  7. J9

    + + + + + + + + +

  8. Ok, if the Kira the priest-to-be says we’re good, then we’re good. Thanks for all the replies. And Ginny, I’ll totally think before I speak next time. (If I remember.)

  9. I once sent a blind man, who was originally heading in the right direction, onto the wrong subway train. I got confused by the signs I could see; he was doing fine with his inner sense of direction.

    Misdirecting a blind man. Beat that.

  10. You can put me in a cab anytime! You’re probably travelling right now. I hope it goes good! x

  11. Definitely the plus side! I have done things like that…where I try to help and only make things worse. But I think the good karma comes from the TRYING.

  12. It was definately good karma.

  13. Older Sister

    It’s actually Howell-Allen Clinic (on Murphy Ave. ) – Probably the most well known Neuro-Surgery Group in Mid-TN. Three spine surgeries later, I know them all too well. You did a good deed though.

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