Thank Goodness Customs Confiscated the Rest of It.

Husband travels a lot in course of his business. Last week he came home after 2 1/2 weeks in China. As is his custom, he brought back some local delicacies. I’ve listed them here in descending order of oddness.


This packet contained several kinds of tea including one for energy and one for clear thinking.


¬†This isn’t food…it’s playing cards…cards that are evidently endorsed by the card-playing insect on the box.

good ginger

Ginger candy–very strong.


Mmmmmm–thousand year old eggs. Which is about how long it’ll be before anyone here eats them.


Yummy chicken pieces. Or maybe duck. Actually, I don’t have a clue what this is.

Oh—and in case you’re wondering what customs took–it was the package of individually-wrapped smoked duck tongues.

Hate that.


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8 responses to “Thank Goodness Customs Confiscated the Rest of It.

  1. thousand year old eggs? really? what kind of eggs? human?

  2. My curiosity was pricked by “spice xifu”. Badly spelt tofu? A poor phonetic rendering of seafood? According to my web search, you can take your pick from a Chinese football player, toasted scarab beetle larva, or art by Riiko Sakkinen. More ominously, the “china outdoor f— video” page (clearly an authority), informs us the “xifu” means girlfriend or wife in Chinese. Hope that helps…

  3. Believe me, you’re not missing much with the duck’s tongues, smoked or not! I’m a big fan of trying everything once, and once was enough…

  4. I’m happy to try most things once, but thousand ywear old eggs? No thanks.

    As for the last package, I guess its a little bit like opening a can that has no label. Could be anything inside, you just won’t know until you open it and by then its way too late!


  5. Julie Fisher

    All right, here’s my suggestion. Remember the “give it to Mickey” commercials. I say give it all to the cat. That ought to cure her of bringing in wierd stuff form the wilds of your back yard.
    OR. . . .give yourself the challenge of creating a recipe for Here in Franklin’s Table.
    Okay, I actually vote for the cat idea.

  6. I’m with Julie’s cat idea. *Ponders if that’s the wisest solution … what if the cat gets sick?*

    NO, not Julie’s idea. The cat is an innocent. I say make The Engineer eat it all by himself!

  7. DF–I assume they’re chicken eggs, but who knows. Best not to ask too many questions.
    PG–Thanks for the research…lots more than I did. The contents do look a little spicy, so we’ll go with that.
    Mon–Thanks for visiting Franklin. Husband has a strange affinity for the duck tongues. I can’t even watch him eat them. (He brought them home once before.) As you know, there’s a little piece of cartilage in the tongue…he calls it “nature’s toothpick.” Ugh.
    Beth–I’m just hoping the whole lot is gone soon…right now it’s sitting on the kitchen counter.
    Julie–Please see Ellie’s comment re: cat sickness.
    Ellie–He probably will. Just not in my presence, please.

  8. Ahhh — I have a Chinese friend, so am familiar with the 1000 yr old egg and it does taste about that old and rancid. But she insisted I take a bite…the ginger candy isn’t what one needs to get the taste out of one’s mouth…Morita is a very good cook, actually and we usually clamor for her dishes, but it’s the tiny bottle of powdered stuff you put on your tongue for a sore throat that I love (though that, also, tastes awful….). So glad you ‘found’ my blog and stopped to say ‘hi’ — come by again and I will as well!

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