There’s a Huge, Giant, Dragon-like Lizard at the Foot of My Garage Stairs.

Right now…it’s down there. I just saw it.

I had to go down and close the cat door and lock her in for the night.

I saw it as I was going down the stairs. I yelled at it to move. It didn’t.

I stomped on the stairs to scare it. I didn’t.

It just laid there. Mocking me. Daring me to come down the stairs to close the cat door. (I wonder if that’s how it got in?)

I went down the stairs and sort of leapt over it…sideways.

I closed the cat door and leapt over it … sideways…to get back up the stairs.

Here’s the bad part–the cat is down there with it. You see, we have two cat doors. One that goes from the garage to the outside and one that goes from the garage into the house. So there’s nothing to stop the cat from catching the giant lizard and bringing it into the house.

Yes, I could close the door into the house, but it seems a little cruel to banish the cat to the cold garage for the night.

OK…cat just came in…alone.

I’m going to see if the lizard is still there.

I’m back. I looked. I didn’t see it.

I hope it didn’t crawl in my car.


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12 responses to “There’s a Huge, Giant, Dragon-like Lizard at the Foot of My Garage Stairs.

  1. lizard? is it a pet store refugee? or something indiginous? supposing there’s no such thing as D-Con “Lizard B Gone” on your shelf… zoicks….

  2. Uhoh. It sounds like something The Engineer should be dealing with. Is he out of town? Good luck!

  3. Julie Fisher

    it’s probably just one of the neighbor kids who came over early for Halloween. That poor little type probably went running home screaming about this woman who screamed and stomped at him and then. . .actually LEAPED OVER HIS HEAD!!!

  4. Older Sister

    I had a similar experience in my garage many years ago – turned out to be an escaped pet iguana that belonged to a neighbor’s child. Looked like a dinosaur to me!!! I threw the lid to the garbage can on top of it but it was so big it just ran around the garage with the lid on top of it. I finally opened all garage doors and swept it out, lid and all.

  5. Daisy–It’s indiginous. Probably just trying to get out of the rain.
    Ellie–Yes, could’ve used an engineer. Or an uzi.
    Julie–If it was a kid, it had the most realistic costume ever.
    Older Sis–Never heard that story, but wish I could’ve seen that iguana running around under the garbage can lid.

  6. Exactly how big of a giant lizard are we talking about here? I don’t have a lot of experience with lizards growing up in Minnesota. Yikes!

  7. The FIRST thing you should have done was fetched a camera. You should have also placed a ruler next to the lizard for perspective, so we could see just how “huge” he is. Was. Another lost opportunity.

  8. Choco–Welcome to Franklin. And as far as reptiles go, anything visible is freaking huge to me.
    UB–I tried–dead battery. But honestly, do you think I was going to be getting close enough to that dragon to put a ruler down?

  9. It can’t be something indigenous. There’s nothing much bigger than a skink in Tennessee. Unless, hmmmm, you’re exaggerating very slightly?

  10. AFM–Yes, I think that technically speaking, it was a skink. A giant, fire-breathing skink. 🙂

  11. Had a snake in my yard once. Called animal control. They came out, scooped it up and waved it around so I could take pictures. It was a great afternoon!

  12. Erin–I hate snakes more than lizards.

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