Kitty Churchill Is My Stripper Name

No, I’m not moonlighting down at Th’ Catch (a real strip joint in Knoxville) or the Boobie Bungalow ( a real strip joint between here and the Alabama line). But I do have a stripper name.

So do you.

You’re supposed to take the name of your pet and the name of the street you live on. I fudge the rules a little and allow any combination of pet and street name.

I think Kitty Churchill would be kind of a high-end stipper, maybe more of a Las Vegas showgirl with a huge headdress of ostrich feathers. It would also be a good name for a Bond girl.

I went through several combinations before I landed on this one. At my age, there are a lot of pet names and a lot of streets to choose from.

For instance….

Spice Breckinridge is a possibility, but I think that sounds more porn star than stripper.

Or, I could be Smoky White, it has a nice juxtaposition of light and dark.  Smoky White is probably only stripping to pay her way through Harvard–that’s why she knows words like juxtaposition.

Zoe Lake Park is Asian and makes a mean moo shu.

These were all names that I considered.

There is one name though, that, while legitimate, didn’t make the cut. It would only be my stripper name if I worked in a German stalag:

Brunella Hen Peck Lane.

Not too many Deutsche Marks tucked in that g-string.



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18 responses to “Kitty Churchill Is My Stripper Name

  1. I think my favourite is Puck Abbots (nice combination of puckering and religious figures, don’t you think?), but other possibilities are Isis Cobbler, Paddy General, Lily St Anne (kind of refined, 19th century feel about it) or Mab Thresher. I don’t think I’d ever make a living based on my stripper name.

  2. Denise–I think Lily St. Anne was a mistress of Charles II.

  3. These are great! My combinations aren’t particularly cash-worthy, either.

    Bobo Wilfert, Pickles Baronwood or (the worst) Turbo Bluebird.

    good thing i went to college, huh?

  4. Hey, how are you feeling? Weren’t you crazy sick with the flu? Or am I thinking of someone else in my Reader?

  5. Julie Fisher

    If she’s thinking about being a stripper, I do believe she’s over the flu. That chicken soup will do it to you every time. Mucinex DM does not make strippers out of people, and I did suggest that if you remember.

  6. DF–Pickles Barronwood definitely has possibilties. You should go with that.
    UB–It was me, but it wasn’t flu…just a heinous cold that’s still making itself known.
    Julie–I’m on the mend for sure. I’m going to stock my freezer with the matzah ball soup from Noshville.

  7. How about Noah 3rd Avenue?

  8. Ox Oakley.

    So…my stripper is a dude. Or a bull dyke.

  9. Boots Chantilly! RAWR!

  10. Worst one?
    Petulia Rollins.
    Just sounds used.

  11. Ellie–Maybe this formula doesn’t really work in London.
    Rass–I think any male stripper would LOVE to be known as Ox. Hell, any male period.
    Elise–Boots Chantilly will go far…might be the best one yet. “Boots” is a little naughty and “Chantilly” has an air of refinement. (That’s the name of my silver pattern, after all.)
    MG–Poor Petulia. She had so much promise in junior high. (Thanks for inspiring this post, btw.)

  12. If you ever see a movie with “Mordecai Blue Lake”…it wasn’t me. I promise. I don’t care how similar the guy looks.

  13. Kimmer

    Most of my pets were boys. I only had a few girls …probably because my parents didn’t want several litters of ANYTHING at our house! 🙂 Here are some potential stripper names for me: Peyton Chamberlain, Annie Oakwell, Sport Nashboro, and (my favorite….) Cocoa Breedlove! 🙂

  14. Hee! I love this game. Here are a few of my possibilities:

    Cuddles Garfield (from my childhood pet and street I grew up on)

    Bridget Crescent (from my pet and street I lived on in my early 20’s when I was single and living alone)

    and my favorite:

    Bronte Banbury (from my pet and street right now)

  15. I always thought to get your stripper name it was the name of your first pet and your mother’s maiden name, which makes me “Silky Fielden”- which I think is pretty cool.

    If I use the current pet/streetname I’m Hobo Broadwater, which is just not that great at all…

  16. Win–Methinks thou dost protest too much.
    Kim–Cocoa Breedlove is an AWESOME stripper name. Sport Nashboro, on the other hand, probably needs to have her back shaved.
    Gwen–So many opportunities for you–gotta love a pole worker named Cuddles though.
    Beth–Silky is great. But poor Hobo–she is one sad stripper.

  17. How does Lucy Lothian sound? More like a romance author, I think.

  18. Boots Chantilly. Can I take that one?

    My other options are:

    Rosie Wasatch and Atticus 700 East.

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