Pass the Soup

Last week, when I wasn’t paying attention, this crawled up my nose.

Stock Photo of Structure Of Cold Virus Royalty Free

 It’s a rhinovirus molecule and evidently it has found a new home because it–and all its little friends–have put down roots and seem to be dug in for the duration.

And why not? I’m sure that as far as noses go, mine is a fine dwelling. Sure, there’s not a lot of space, but that just means there’s less to clean, right? There’s plenty to eat and drink. Plus, it’s a nice neighborhood and, aside from the occasional sneeze, no violence or crime to speak of.

In fact, I’d have to say that this little molecule is 100 percent safe in its new home because none of the THREE PERSCRIPTIONS the doctor at the walk-in clinic wrote for me last Sunday have budged it one inch.

He said I had bronchitis and strep and prescribed an antibiotic, an antihistamine and a capsule for my cough. It’s Friday now and I’m still coughing, still have a head full of mucus soup and still feel like death on a cracker.  Husband, who is leaving on a two week trip out of the country next week, won’t even be in the same room with me.

Neither will the cat.


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15 responses to “Pass the Soup

  1. Um . . . ick!

    Dare I wish you a happy weekend . . .

  2. Niece Lash

    Should I give them my worst enemy’s number or home address?

  3. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Julie Fisher

    MUCINEX DM!!! Go straight to the drugstore, preferably before your impending demise, and buy some. It WILL work.

  5. Oh, snap. I’m in the middle of moving, have loads of work flooding in daily on the computer, have to go to a long meeting in another city today, and I have the same. Beloved has left for another province, never mind another room in the house. Good times. Get better soon, us.

  6. Hot tea. With Lemon. And Honey.

    Close the curtains. Get under the duvet. Sleep.


  7. Oh no! You poor thing. My tip would be the tea with honey and lemon like Ellie said, bed rest and if yuo’ve got a tv in your bedrooom you need a box-set of whatever tv show is your guilty pleasure. That way you can just watch and sleep until you’re better.

    Which hopefully will be very soon!


  8. You can always count on us, your internet family, to not abandon you in your time of need. Just don’t sneeze on your monitor, okay? Just to be on the safe side. You never know.

  9. Shoulda used your crow bar on the non-stop talking granny at the walk in clinic. That shit cures all kinds of ills.

  10. TD–Feeling better today. Sorry about the ick factor.
    Lash–Yes, please. I’m ready for these germs to move out.
    Sarah–many thanks. Hope you stay well.
    Julie–One of my coworkers took that and then came to work–he WAS NOT right that day.
    Denise–I hope the Spanish version is less tenacious than the Franklin variety.
    Ellie–I’ve had so much tea I’ve started talking with a British accent.
    Beth–Fortunately there’s football ALL DAY. Yea!
    UB–I keep trying to remember to cough into my elbow in the new PC fashion, but old habits die hard. Husband and I agreed that when it’s just the two of us at home, the old-fashioned hand cover (followed by washing) is acceptable.
    MG–If I ever commit a violent act, it will be against someone who will. not. shut. up.

  11. jdhays

    I would be perturbed with the cat. The cat is obviously shirking responsibility and knows it. Hope the Vols give you some tonic today against ‘Bama.

  12. hahaha. I know darlin’, I know. But, you know, I also think we should keep our heads together. Can you believe I’m saying that?

  13. A remedy that used to appear in one of the English text books I bought:
    Put a hat at the foot of the bed (you are in the bed). Pour yourself a whisky and drink it. Pour and drink another one. Continue until you see two hats at the foot of the bed. Sleep. Tomorrow, you will be fine. I’ve never tried it – if you do, let me know if it worked?

  14. Sodding text correction: that was “taught”, not ” bought”.

  15. Oh, man, I want to hear that! Tape yourself and put it on … like Free Man did not so long ago! We’ll rate you! Feel better. x x e

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