Franklin Goes Down Under

A few days ago Chris, otherwise known as A Free Man, asked me to write a guest post at his blog. I’m sure many of you are already regular readers, but if you’re not, a brief introduction.

Chris lives with his wife and 2 sons in Austrailia. He’s a college professor and an unabashed fan of the University of Georgia. (See where this is going?)

In anticipation of the Vols clash with the Dawgs in a couple of days, Chris asked me to write a post–not so much about football, but about my love for my school.

Hop on down to Adelaide and have a look.


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2 responses to “Franklin Goes Down Under

  1. Wouldn’t it be too, too funny if the Vols won? What’s the point spread on that game? Any idea. An upset would be…well…upsetting, I suppose.

  2. j9

    How much fun reading this story! . . . and the game’s outcome? — even sweeter. Thanks for introducing us to your GA fan downunder — rough week for him I’m sure.

    But I’m also sure, like a true SEC fan, he’ll rise to meet another Saturday. With full-on red regalia.

    Go Vols!

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