Spare Parts

Over the course of my nearly 51 years, I’ve lost a lot of the parts I was born with.

  • one cervix
  • four wisdom teeth
  • one appendix
  • two ovaries
  • one hair-growing ovarian cyst (well, this might not have been part of the original package, but it’s always worth mentioning)
  • one gall bladder with assorted stones
  • one uterus
  • various moles
  • several million brain cells

Aside from the teeth, brain cells and moles, everything else was in the midsection. My question is this:

What fills up all the empty space where those organs used to be?

Are my liver and pancreas lolling about in their spacious surroundings? Do my kidneys miss their former neighbors? Is there a For Rent sign on the real estate where my uterus used to be?

I don’t imagine that anyone has a real answer to this. Just something I was wondering about.


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12 responses to “Spare Parts

  1. excellent question. suggest that you not rent “Alien” until you have a reasonable answer…

  2. that is a brilliant question! do you think wiki would have the answer? 😉

  3. Julie Fisher

    Now I just really don’t think that was an appropriate thing to say about a For Rent sign at the ovaries location. This blog is getting way too risque for moi.
    As to what has taken up residence in all of those forsaken places??? Why, lots and lots of fabulous humor. And thank you for it!

  4. That is a really great question. Maybe your other organs grow to fill up the space?

  5. jdhays

    Might be worth checking Craigslist to see if any of the other organs could be posting in the housing/sublets category. You definitely want to screen any prospective tenants.

  6. All expands to the available space. Wants, desires and innards.

  7. Insurance payments or debt?

  8. DF–excellent suggestion.
    Ellie–maybe. That’s where I turn for most of my information.
    Julie–you’re welcome. But really, this blog is G-rated.
    Sarah–could be. Who knows?
    JD–I certainly wouldn’t want any questionable characters in there. The gall stones were bad enough!
    Dave–innards is such a great word. So if I lost weight, would the innards shrink?
    Denise–insurance for sure, no debt.

  9. It shrinks. Or fills up with fat. Whatever the case may be.


    Tough weekend for the Vols…

  10. In your case, I’d say the empty space fills with goodness and light.

  11. batspit

    Wonderful question! I looked it up using a variety of interesting google search terms and what i came up with is that some of the surrounding organs will increase in size and process more blood than they used to…

  12. You’re other organs totally got free upgrades, which means they should be much happier and last a hell of a lot longer than normal.

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