Let the Games Begin

One of my favorite bloggers is A Free Man–otherwise known as Chris in Australia. Chris writes about his kids (including the lastest–a boy born just a couple of days ago), about living in Australia, sometimes about science (have to admit that I just skim those), lots about music and…this time of year…about his beloved Georgia Bulldogs.

Chris is a fan. His blood runs black and red. And Chris gets it. He understands Southern football. Despite living thousands of miles away…despite living a jillion times zones away…he’s already planning his listening in the wee hours.

I’d be doing the exact same thing if I lived in Oz. I’d just be cheering for a different team.

As much as Chris loves Georgia, that’s how much I love the University of Tennessee.


They haven’t played well for a few years now, but tomorrow ushers in a new era. A young, brash new coach is at the helm and he makes his debut at 11:30 Saturday.


Today is National College Colors day. Everyone is supposed to wear their school’s colors. Unfortunately, I work for a rival college and my wearing of orange would not have been smiled upon.

But I wore it anyway.


They just couldn’t see it. 🙂

UPDATE–the Vols won, 63-7. There will be a much tougher test Saturday when UCLA comes to town.


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15 responses to “Let the Games Begin

  1. Go Vols!

    I used to work with a guy who was a major Tennessee backer. He’s been sad for some time . . . but, like you, he’s optimistic this year.

    I root for whoever makes you happy . . .

  2. That’s what I’m talking about!

    (Maybe you could have posted a pic of the secret orange? 🙂 )

  3. Well, good to see that the Vols managed to get past Western Kentucky. We’ll see how the Kiffer handles an SEC team in a couple of weeks or so!

  4. TD–Do you have a favorite team? I’ll be for them.
    Ellie–Not a chance.
    AFM–I know…still, they looked lots better than they did this time last year.

  5. Oh I just KNEW this was going to happen! You, AFM and my hubz were destined to turn into completely different people AGAIN once football season started. I kinda love it. I kinda don’t. I’m one of those broads that should be sent to “Broads Learn About Football” school just so I can have half a clue about what’s going on.

  6. I tend to root for the team with the coolest helmets . . .

    I don’t really cheer for any particular sport. I watch a little baseball in October, the Super Bowl, and the final NASCAR race of the season, just to see if my sister, a manager for Lowe’s, will be getting me some more free Jimmie swag . . .

  7. MG–I try to keep my obsession at bay. I promise my blog won’t be “All UT, All the Time.” However, I will secretly pull for KC just to keep on HB’s good side.
    TD–I’ve been known to bet on horses with the most stylish colors, so I understand completely.

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  9. hee hee. I love that you still supported your team!!

  10. Sid

    Love the top picture. Love the colours of the leaves.

  11. Julie Fisher

    Oh Cindy, you did NOT wear those orange . . . again, did you? I bet those black and gold folks COULD SO tell.

  12. Jen–my blood is deep orange. And, occasionally, so is my bra.
    Sid–this is a beautiful part of the U.S. Thanks for visiting Franklin. Come back any time.
    Julie–see comment to Jen. 🙂

  13. Ha, I went to a college where the stands were 1/3 full for the homecoming football game but you had to enter a lottery to get a ticket to the choir’s Christmas concert.


    Blue. And white. I think. ???

  14. jdhays

    I like what Kiffen has done so far and think the Vols are going to be an unwelcome surprise to their opponents. The game I’m especially looking forward to seeing is the Halloween game against The Ol’ Ball Coach. After all his years of taunting Tennessee from Florida, y’all owe him a little payback.

  15. Count me in, but for FSU.

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