I’m A Prize Winning Dork

A few years ago, knitting went through this big boom. A woman who used to own a yarn shop told me it was because of 9/11–people spent lots more time than usual in front of their tvs and wanted something to do with their hands.

I’ve been knitting for lots longer than that–close to 20 years. When I first started, Husband thought it was a great idea–I’d be saving on clothes. Obviously Husband hadn’t priced alpaca or cashmere yarn lately.

I do it in spurts…sometimes a few months will go by without me picking up my needles. Lately though, I’ve been on a kick–inspired by some yarn I bought here:


That’s The Shambles in York…the narrowest street in England (or so I’ve been told). The 15th century buildings nearly touch each other. There was a great yarn shop tucked away and I spend some time and poundage there.

But that’s not at all what this post is about.

It’s about my dorkitude.

Last month I entered two things I knitted a year or so ago in the local county fair.

I entered this:



And I entered this:

puppy sweater

And I won this:

blue ribbons

And this:

If there was a way I could earn a living knitting, I’d be all over it. But $20 once a year won’t buy much alpaca.


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21 responses to “I’m A Prize Winning Dork

  1. Nice, Cindy!

    I’ve thought of entering our chicken in a fair…

  2. Karen

    Those are adorable! Congrats again.

  3. The price of hobbies! I’ve often fantasised about throwing in the IT towel and picking up the tea towel for some professional cookie baking. But I can never make the sums look nearly profitable enough. My ingredients, in the quantities I buy, are just too costly.

  4. Well, look at you! Congrats. Really. I like the sweater but what’s the zoo animal thing? Is that something you wear? I must sound incredibly stupid, I know.

    My hobby–the thing that I’d like to make a living at–is collecting rare books. 20th century literature, specifically. If you think alpaca is expensive, try pricing first editions of On The Road. It’s nuts.

  5. Very cute. I love the sweater and my son would LOVE the blanket.

  6. Julie Fisher

    Well, congratulations!! I’ve been wondering about those blue-ribbons you just HAD to have won. Beautiful work, and full of heart! Lucky, lucky godsons you have there, ma’am.
    I have always viewed needlwork as either of two things–a great way to a mini-vacation of the mind and body, or a way to feel like you’re multi-tasking (you know, watching the game AND creating a sweater).

  7. Susie–there were lots of chickens there. Fluffy, fancy ones.
    KA-many thanks.
    Ellie–I know that there’s cheap yarn out there…I just can’t stand the way it feels.
    UB–it’s a baby blanket…but not the kind you really use on a daily basis.
    Sarah–the blanket isn’t hard…I bet you could make it yourself.
    Julie–now all I have to do is get them back where they belong. (But I’ll keep the ribbons.)

  8. Niece Lash

    Vivi sleeps with the white striped blanket you made her every night. She LOVES it!

  9. Lash…let’s go to the yarn store and pick out something cute for me to make her.

  10. I’m a sewer. But I never have time to do it anymore, what with all of these damn blogs I gotta read all the time.

    By the way, that Scotty sweater is fucking adorable. You are definitely a dork.

  11. Nicely done! Do you take orders? I always think babies look best in handmade clothes. I’m old fashioned like that.

  12. Niece Lash

    I’ll be there with knitted bells on.

  13. Like your husband you can probably imagine my surprise when I found out knitting is so insanely expensive! I still want to learn how though!

  14. Knitting mystifies me . . .

    But I once could cross stitch! I did one for my mom, something about how much she loved to cross stitch, and she entered it in the county fair. I too won a ribbon, albeit a red one. And no bucks.

    Great stuff, my friend . . .

  15. Kimmer

    Your talents never cease to amaze me. First, CONGRATS on your blue ribbons. Second, I am much impressed by the quality of your work (not that I expected anything less, of course!…). It really is good stuff! And third, I think your stuff is so good that I nominate you for knitting the UT football team’s game socks. Just think how much money you would save the University, while gaining so much enjoyment for what you would be doing. It really is a “win-win” situation…. 🙂

  16. Lash–I’m so glad she loves it! Let’s go shopping this weekend.
    Rass–you and needles…hmmmm….
    AFM–you find the UGA pattern and I’ll make it for you. Truly.
    FGIS–there’s lots of GREAT wool down there there. Find a shop and they’ll teach you.
    TD–welcome back! I missed you. Once a cross stitcher, always a cross stitcher.
    Kimmer–if Kiffen calls, I’ll be glad to help out.

  17. jdhays

    My teenage daughter is an emerging knitter. I’m of the opinion that Dork knitting is way better than Dark knitting, though I’ve seen much more of the former than the latter.

  18. Hey, man, a prize is a prize. Congrats!

  19. I love Alpaca’s.

    Always wanted to raise them.

    For an investment of $30,000…I’ll start a farm and give you all my alpaca wool. 🙂

  20. Congrats on your winnings, even though it wasn’t substantial.

    My wife and (then 10 year old) daughter took a 45 minute knitting class that was held at the neighborhood library a couple of years ago. For the last 2 Christmases, my daughter has knitted hats, scarves, and mittens for her friends and her grandmother. Some were like, “Uhh, gee thanks.” Most really appreciated the homemade gift and effort she put into it and have worn them each winter.

  21. Oh, so you knit cashmere sweaters?…

    (I wear a medium).

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