Wishing August Away

Once upon a time, I used to wish that August would never end. As long as August was still on the calendar, life was good. Days at the pool. Nights outside with no thoughts of homework or alarm clocks. Sleeping late. I wouldn’t have minded if August had lasted a couple of years.

At some point though, that changed.

It was probably the summer before senior year in high school when I was first impatient for August to end, because once August was over, the end of high school was beginning.

There’s always something hopeful about September. Maybe because it’s my birthday month. Maybe it’s because the brutal heat and humidity finally break. September always meant new clothes. New friends. A change of scenery.

The older I get, the more tiresome August becomes. It’s not August’s fault. Truth be told, August does have a lot going for it–namely tomatoes and the premier of Mad Men. But the clothes that were new back in May have lost their sheen. The novelty of wearing sandals has worn off. The air in the hermetically sealed, air-conditioned house has grown stale. My summer repertoire of dishes starts to bore and I long to cook soups and pot roasts and chili.

If you look for them though, signs of change do start to show in August. Foggy mornings are a precursor to fall. Spiders spin more elaborate webs. Leaves begin to curl around the edges and take on a slight yellow hue.

And in colleges across the land, football teams start to practice.

This time of year, every team has a winning record and a chance for glory.

There’s 24 days before my team kicks off the season.

Hurry up August. Don’t let the screen door hit you on your way out.


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20 responses to “Wishing August Away

  1. I’m ready to let it go, too. But then, I was always the geek who had her school supplies labelled by Aug 1.

  2. I pretty much wish May, June, July, and August would just fall off the calendar all together….just too dang hot.

  3. Niece Lash

    I do love August because it is my Birthday month. However, that is about all it has going for it. I love September on because it reminds me that Fall is right upon me and the holidays are near!

  4. here’s to never-ending autumn, winning teams, chilly mornings, brilliant days with high pressure blue skies and crispy-crunchy perfectly clear night time dioramas…. August? seeyabyegottago!

  5. For a real treat, try an August ride in the NYC subway. Ick factor x10.

    Do you know how you can tell you’re old? Snow isn’t fun anymore.

  6. Julie Fisher

    The whole idea of August always brings to mind one impression–a store’s sale rack filled with very wilted-looking, wrinkled summer clothes.

  7. I completely agree with you on this – by August I’m so ready to get on with Fall. I LOVE September and October. Such beautiful months, full of possibility. That first crisp day, the first putting on of a sweater. Not to mention all the Fall TV, new shows and returning favorites. It’s the best.

    Mad Men premiere this Sunday! I’m thrilled to pieces.

  8. the best part of August??? MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Neice Whit

    I got chills when I read 24 days til kickoff! yeah!!!!!!

  10. Niece Whit

    oh i mispelled NIECE 🙂 Football Time In TN!!!

  11. Spend a year in the Pacific NW and you’ll have a new found appreciation for poor ol’ August. It’s the one month when you can pretty much look forward to sunny skies.

    Oh! And I’ve put my order in for Mad Men to be sent by Lovefilm.com. We’ve never heard of it; My Man thinks it’s weird that I took the recommendation from a ‘stranger on the internet’. Novice. He shouldn’t be allowed on the internet.

  12. Ginny–I was the kid who had lost her school supplies by August 1.
    Sarah–I think we should let May live…it’s not too bad.
    Lash–Was that a subtle hint? 🙂
    DF–And open windows to let all that nice fall air inside!
    UB–Snow will never cease to be fun around here…mostly because we only talk about it and rarely see it.
    Julie–Exactly–poor sad linen that no one loved.
    Gwen–Endless October, that’s what I vote for. Plus, new Mad Men episodes!
    Sally–I hope you’re having a SPLENDID birthday!
    Niece–I wasn’t going to say anything. 🙂 But yay for football!!!
    Ellie–Oh, the pressure is on. I hope you LOVE it. The Man isn’t American, is he? He might not like it. Please let us know what you think. Stranger indeed! (insert snort of indignation here)

  13. How many days is it until my team kicks your team’s butt again?

    August is weird now for me because it is the end of winter. The dog days of winter. And I’m yearning for a summer. And college football is starting which means early mornings hunched over the computer listening to internet radio broadcasts. It’s disorienting.

  14. Dawg–October 10 in K’ville. I just sold my 40-yard-line tix on ebay for $256 (for two). It will be an interesting season…at least, I hope it will be!

  15. I want September to hurry up so I can buy a new pencil case.

  16. You forgot bean soup.

  17. And, I just re-read the post and now realize you said soups; but, bean soup isn’t really soup, it’s much thicker. That’s my excuse.

  18. I can totally cook chili. It’s like the one thing I can make. And I want to make it now.

  19. Down here September is just more of August, but I get your drift.

  20. I despise August. I always live in hot places and I just hate the summer. I hate the air conditioning bill, I hate the sweaty feel I have every time I come back from the grocery store and lug my purchases up the stairs. I also hate the wildlife that moves into my house through the sewer pipes in the summer. I have to keep all my drains tapped or they will invade my house.

    It’s mid September now, but it still feels like August here. I’m wishing for October.

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