I’m Bewitched by Thirty Something Mad Men

Television, for some reason, has always had a soft spot for ad agencies. They’re not in the same category as hospitals or police departments, but they are definitely right up there. Ad agencies are attractive for a number of reasons:

  • they’re generally staffed by good looking young people (I know, I was one)
  • they’re full of “quirky” creative types (I know, I was one)
  • there’s lots of drinking (trust me)

In the 60s we had Bewitched.


We didn’t see Darren’s office often, but generally he was called upon to save the day when his boss, Larry Tate, had promised something totally outrageous to a client. Darren seemed to be an all-encompassing creative guy–art director and writer in one. When Darren couldn’t deliver, Samantha saved the day with a twitch of her nose.

A couple of decades later, Thirty Something hit the screen.


 I didn’t watch Thirty Something at the time–it was about a bunch of whiny 35-year-olds working at an ad agency. I already had an 8×10 color glossy of that. But when I caught it later on reruns, I had to admit that its ad agency scenes were closer to real life than anything else on tv.

And that brings us to Mad Men.


 The third season starts soon…not a moment too soon. Even though it’s set in the 60s, Mad Men is by far the closest true representation of life in an ad agency today. The people in this show dress better, but the same battles are still being fought:

  • creatives against account services
  • account services against clients
  • women against men

The costumes, the hair and the attitudes are all wonderful. The depiction of upper-class suburban NYC life is straight out of Salinger, think Uncle Wriggly in Connecticut. But what’s most amazing is how this 20o9 show captures the essence of a time more than four decades past.

Mad Men premiers August 16 at 9 CDT. From the Hitchcock-esque opening to the closing credits, it is one fabulous show.


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15 responses to “I’m Bewitched by Thirty Something Mad Men

  1. It is by far one of the better shows on TV right now. I can’t wait for this new season to start.

  2. Niece Lash

    Never seen it, but maybe I should give it a try. I love me some Bewitched though. Also…wasn’t Angela Bower from Who’s The Boss in the ad business? Also, Locklear’s character on Melrose Place???

  3. Julie

    Stewart and I are addicted to this show. We just watched the whole 2nd season in about 3 days time. I am so depressed when it is over….I am so happy to hear that season 3 is starting soon…what channel is it on as we have only seen it thru DVD???

  4. I spent a few years working at Burson-Marsteller. At that time, they were the largest P.R. firm in the galaxy. Their stated mission: to separate the masses from their hard earned money. Mad Men get the tone just right.

  5. Julie Fisher

    Loved “Thirtysomething”. Love “Madmen”. I can’t find it on TV either, so I have resorted to Netflix. I know you and one other who have worked in ad agencies, and it does indeed seem that the seas there are always stormy and full of sharks circling. And, oh, the stories.

  6. I still have to start watching it. But it’s so far down on my list…

  7. Amy

    No kidding!! Love it! Absolutely love it. I started watching when it first started, and I was completely sucked in. Amazing writing, costume, the whole 9 yrds. Can’t wait for the new season!


  8. I suppose it will make it over here eventually!

    Does faith have a place in the world of advertising? (sure doesn’t sound like it!)

    x, e

  9. Sarah–just two weeks!
    Lash–never saw those shows. But you can watch all the Mad Men On Demand for free right now.
    Both Julies–it’s on AMC…36 in Franklin…don’t know about Chattabubba.
    UB–what we used to say was “double it, gross it, bill it.”
    Rass–just give up one night of Die Hard. 🙂
    Amy–it’s so great, costumes, writing, all just pitch perfect.
    Ellie–mostly along the lines of “oh God, please don’t let me get fired today.”

  10. Dude, I dressed up for some party and people were all “OOH MAD MEN, YOU’RE AMAZING.” And I just smiled and nodded.

    So uh, thanks for that little lightbulb moment.

  11. Love this show. I’m Netflixing it and have been able to watch one episode right after the other. Have you seen Dexter?

  12. Moosh–Welcome to Franklin. You must’ve been smokin’ hot.
    FF–Haven’t seen Dexter, but it comes highly recommended.

  13. Oh, how I love Mad Men. So good. I love me some Don Draper.

  14. Niece Lash

    You MUST watch Dexter!!!! I am also really liking Nurse Jackie.

  15. It is outstanding. I’ve seen Season 1. Am looking forward to Season 2!

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