Pilgrim Pix from England


Some of you…well, to be specific, Unbearable Banishment, wanted to see pictures from my recent trip to England. I don’t take pictures, but here is a small sample from photographer Sally.  My apologies for the messy layout…me and pictures and captions just don’t get along sometimes.

These are the Cheviot Hills in northern England. If you turn 180 degrees, you had a view of the North Sea.

  These are the Cheviot Hills in northern England. If you turn 180 degrees, you had a view of the North Sea.
cuthbert's cairnThe above picture of the Cheviot Hill was taken from this sight. This is a cairn on St. Cuthbert’s Way…an ancient path from Iona to Lindisfarne.


cottageTypical rose-covered cottage.

lindisfarneThe ruins at Lindisfarne, Holy Island


me at LindisfarneMe at Lindisfarne

Saints 2009 053St. Oswald’s, Heavenfield

rosesMore roses



whitbyWhitby Abbey…home of St. Hilda…amazing. This is on a promontory overlooking the North Sea.

Reivaulx Abbey–maybe the most amazing place of all.  shepherd'The view from Shepherd’s Dene–our home for a couple of nights.


Our group in front of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Franklin, Tennessee


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18 responses to “Pilgrim Pix from England

  1. thanks for sharing these – they actually caused me to have a physical ache in my gut… beautiful!

  2. Thanks so much for the pix! Prior to checking my Google Reader, I wrote an email to my pal in London and mentioned that it’s been almost a year and I need to come back for a visit. Now…this. How timely!

  3. Julie Fisher

    Now this is what is called “beautiful”.

  4. cindy franklin

    I love the pictures! Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Valerie Battle Kienzle

    What great photos! This part of the world is definitely on my list of Gotta See places.

  6. Okay, all the Europe stuff, I’m used to. Lovely an’ all that. But I really liked seeing the picture of you. Now I have a face to a voice.

  7. Daisy–Any stomach ache was purely unintentional.
    UB–You should start planning that trip right now!
    Julie–Right, as usual.
    Cindy–Will I ever see you????
    Valerie–I highly recommend it. Start packing!
    Blue–Your turn!

  8. Damn, girl, those open ruins and abbeys are mind-blowingly awesome.

  9. These are lovely pictures and as Blue said, its so nice to put a face to a name.

    There’s something a bit ironic about the fact that I’ve lived just north of London my entire life and never been that far north in England, yet you made it right across an ocean!

    Maybe for me its a case of seen one Abbey, seen ’em all!


  10. Wow. Just amazing. I want to be at Lindisfarne.

  11. Rass–they really are. I have a thing for ruins.

    Beth–I’ve never been to the Grand Ole Opry, which is the main reason gajillions of tourists come to Nashville every year.

    MG–I emailed you.

  12. Ah man. You lucky, lucky woman. Thanks for letting us drool over your photos. Looks as if you had a great time.

  13. Those photos are breathtaking! Truly. Thanks for sharing them. I can’t wait to have my own travelling adventures. One day…How cool would it be if we planned a blogger trip?

  14. Whitby is one of my favourite places in the world. I’m from the North of England and I never want to live anywhere else – the stark, wild beauty is everywhere, the dark pull of history, the endless haunting moors and, of course, the pies. Your pictures made me want to get my boots on and go for a hike.

  15. NATUI–It was a great time. My friend took about 800 pix…click on the Just Sally link on my blogroll and follow the links from there if you want to see more.

    Gwen–A blogger trip? Now that would be interesting.

    SP–Welcome to Franklin. I do think Norther England is jus about the prettiest place on earth. I’m afraid I don’t share your love of pies though. And I’m not big on sausage rolls either. But some of the local beers are outstanding. 🙂

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