It’s getting crowded around here

The other day I ran over a tweet. I didn’t mean too, but it darted out it front of my car before I could stop. Truth be known, I’ve probably plowed into thousands of tweets in the last year. The same goes for text messages, e-mails and facebook status updates. The point is, all this stuff is flying through the air around us…bouncing from satellite to cell phone tower to antenna and back again.

Even as I write this, an album of Gregorian chants is flying through the air onto my iPod (I’ll be spending a lot of time in ancient ruins a couple of weeks from now and monks make the perfect soundtrack.) According to Wikipedia, these chants are the oldest music known to man, dating back to the 10th century. They were created during a time when people were dirty and rough. Most never traveled more than a few miles from their villages. But now these chants have traveled through thin air right into my laptop.

Ancient song, meet modern technology.

In my mind, every time I step outside I’m being knocked silly by all the information zooming through the atmosphere. A little like this, but not as malevolent:

Now imagine those birds multiplied by millions and millions of messages a day, all around the world.

Think about it the next time you go outside–think about the waves and waves of information (most of it useless) billowing around you. We’re wading through other people’s stuff. You might’ve stepped on the text I sent my sister. I might’ve swatted at the e-mail you sent your spouse. Spam is slamming into my roof right now, but thanks to my force fields, it’s not getting through. Does it give up and go next door?

Really, I wonder if there’s a breaking point…or can the atmosphere just absorb an infinite amount of this stuff?

Oh, and if that was your tweet I squished, sorry.


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15 responses to “It’s getting crowded around here

  1. well described… my attempts to go off the grid often find me in an internet cafe somewhere in Asia, or Spain, or Washington, DC if the interweb connectivity in my hotel is bashed… no wonder we’re all battling ADHD…

  2. Every few months I get tired of all the technology and I give up computers, cell phones, television, etc. and almost each time after the first day I don’t even miss it.

  3. Niece Lash

    I gave up the Internet for Lent and really could have given it up for good when it was all over. It was a peaceful feeling. I didn’t feel that “compulsion” when I walked by the computer to check on the latest news, gossip, whatever. It really was a nice change. But here I am now, once again, sucked into its evil grasp and my aunt is the ringleader.

  4. Julie Fisher

    Another cause of global warming??? ( “A lot of hot air.”)

  5. Gregorian chants the oldest music? I guess it depends on your definition of music, but drums have been around for thousands of years. Was helping my daughter with a project for school the other day, and learned that the didgeridoo is 3,000 years old.

  6. The ether is full of lurking hazards. I accidentally stumbled across my ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend’s blog. Did I need to know that she laughs in her sleep? No, I did not. It spoiled my weekend. There’s danger everywhere!

  7. Little Sister

    It is evil Lash..and your Aunt is the ringleader. She told me one she invented all this high tech stuff!

  8. Ouch! A tweet hit me! Little bastard!

  9. My cat likes to kill baby tweets and place them in front of my door.

    Where are you going to see ruins?

  10. mongoliangirl

    Oh! HIF is getting ready to go on another adventure. Can’t wait for the blogging after that. Thank you in advance.
    Being disconnected is the greatest thing in the world. But I didn’t need to think about what you describe, being hit in the head with an email or Tweet when I’m walking around outside. Um, thanks?
    : )

  11. Being so connected sometimes gets downright exhausting. Wasn’t it supposed to make our lives easier?

  12. I’m noticing that of late, i’m getting lazier with my technology. I signed up for a twitter account but I’m not entirely sure I see the point. Facebook is a bit of a chore and I only really go on there if I have a message to reply to. Replying to emails? I do that all day at work, I have a really hard time forcing myself to do it at home, even if they’re to people I adore.

    The only things I can stick with are a few Beauty channels on You Tube and my google reader for blogs.

    Enjoy the gregorian chants!

  13. DF–I know…but the bad thing about foreign internet cafes (at least in France) is the different keyboard.
    Sarah–I’ll be unconnected for about two weeks later this month…looking forward to it.
    Lash–“evil grasp” is a good way to describe it. But you give me too much credit calling me ringleader.
    Julie–judging by the temps the last couple of days, you may be right.
    Ian–You’re right…depends on the definition. I think they meant oldest continually performed music, or something like that.
    UB–sorry for the spoiled weekend. But how funny that you just happened upon it.
    Lil Sis–me, Bill Gates, Steven Jobs and Al Gore–gotta give the guys some credit.
    Ellie–I know…they’re worse than gnats.
    Erin–That’s funny. I’ll be on Pilgrimage in the north of Englans. Lots of old abbeys and monasterys.
    MG–but doesn’t it make sense…all that stuff floating around, bouncing off us? Maybe there aren’t too many out there in Ozark land. And yes, the trip will provide lots of good fodder, I’m sure.
    Dingo–I would’ve replied sooner, but was too exhausted after all my online activities.
    Beth–I kinda wonder if that will happen to everyone after a while? Maybe we’ll all just chuck all this gear. On the other hand, probably not.

  14. I just can’t dig Twitter. It’s like bloggers with severe ADD and unnecessary ego complexes.

    Yes, I’m talking to ya’ll Tweeters. I. Don’t. Like. It.

  15. I really don’t like Twitter, so run over as many tweets as you want. I’ll catch the rest.

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