Michelle, ma belle

I’ve never been one to let celebrities influence my daily life.

I don’t take relationship advice from Dr. Phil.

Brad Pitt doesn’t tell me who to vote for.

My home certainly doesn’t follow the edicts of Martha Stewart.

But I must admit to a new celebrity crush–Michelle Obama. I am completely enchanted by her.

She reminds me a lot of Princess Diana. Last night, NBC aired a special that gave us a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life in the White House. Michelle was wearing capri pants and flat slippers. I think it was the shoes that first brought the princess to mind. Even in that casual attire, she was elegant and graceful. We saw her speaking to a room full of school children who were just enraptured by her. She hugged them with genuine warmth…there was no phoniness or fakery. You just knew that her actions would’ve been the same whether or not the cameras were there.

For the first time in decades, there is a vegetable garden at the White House. There is a swing set on the lawn and puppy running down the halls. Clearly this administration is doing things a little differently and I think Michelle has played a big role in that–all for the good.

Michelle took a lot of heat when she broke centuries-old protocol and hugged the Queen of England.


But look at the picture…the Queen hugged back…her teeny little gloved hand is right there in plain view.

I think that’s the effect Michelle has on people. They just want to hug her. I know I do.


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15 responses to “Michelle, ma belle

  1. Love the Obama family!! Awesome post – I am in complete agreement!

  2. And she’s got a pretty great husband, too. She recently spoke to some school children in the UK. When telling them about the arc of her life and the possibility for success that all have inside them, she got a bit choked up. It was a sincere moment–not played for the sake of a camera–and I love her for it.

  3. Karen A

    The Queen is lucky Michelle didn’t step on her! What a bitty little thing.

    I agree- Michelle is one classy and fun lady.

  4. I agree that Michelle is very classy. I enjoyed watching that special over the past two nights and her attire also caught my eye. I thought how wonderful that she appeared how she would normally dress and didn’t feel the need to get all dolled up for the occassion.

  5. I loved that moment with the queen. I found it so endearing. She said so much by slipping up with that.

  6. I think George Bush patted the Queen’s head the first time he met her. We’ve come a long way.

  7. not only does she come through as genuine, caring and empathetic? she’s pretty damn smart and accomplished in her own right… role model for us all? you betcha!

  8. Julie Fisher

    Absolutely right on! What a blessing for all of us Americans that the Obamas have arrived…plastic smiles out, flats and hugs in.

  9. kleverkira

    I love the Obama family. I keep remarking on what a change it is to see and hear the president on TV and the radio in more than just scripted press conferences. And Michelle has those FIERCE arms.

  10. Michelle just seems so natural and genuine. She has the elegance and personal warmth of Princess Di except with a lot more confidence and spunk.

  11. She’s fantastic. I’m sick of hearing people moan about her.

  12. All–thanks for the comments. I guess it’s unanimous–we all love Michelle–inside and out.

  13. mongoliangirl

    The entire Obama family was here when I went to the pre-election rally. I LOVED it that they were all in mellowed out clothing and looked exhausted. It was just two days before the election and they were not putting on any fronts about things on the campaign trail being easy. They were portraying the TRUTH…that it is a very, very hard job wresting the power of this country from the hands of liars and pigs.
    I cried like a little bitch when they came out on stage.

  14. I am going to drive over to DC and steal all of their vegetables.


  15. I just watched that program last night. The whole family just does it for me, but Michelle is so great. You can tell she’s the glue in that family.

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