Sleeping Around

I have spent the night in some pretty amazing places. Like on the shores of the Grand Canal in Venice.


In the shadows of Canterbury Cathedral.


And over Memorial Day weekend. at the Historic Botel in Savannah, Tennessee.


You have to understand about Botels. A botel is a “hotel for boats.”  We stayed at a botel in the Keys a few years ago. It was a campy place–the back door led to a deck where you tied up your boat. It was cool.

So when we decided to go to the Shiloh battlefield over Memorial Day, I started looking for places to stay.

I love fancy hotels. I love staying on concierge floors in rooms that come with fluffy robes and complimentary cocktails. But I like camp as well. So when I saw a botel on the Tennessee River, I thought it would be like the one in the Keys.

This was the picture of the Historic Botel’s pool on their web site:


Here’s husband’s picture:

Copy of Botel Resort Pool

Note Port-A-Potty and beer gut. Also, please notice that this botel was not on the water. But it did have its own strange totem:

fish totem

That’s a fish head on the awning.

So, it wasn’t my favorite hotel, or even my favorite botel. But since I had chosen it, I was stuck with it. I made the most of it. I grabbed a beer and some cheese from the cooler and made myself at home in the shade on the deck. The owner’s cat coame by and I read. All in all, not bad.

As long as you ignore the fish head.


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15 responses to “Sleeping Around

  1. I hope it was reasonably priced. Nothing is worse than paying for champagne and getting beer instead.

  2. It’s so cool that you can enjoy places on both ends of the spectrum. I’m like that, too. And I think it opens me to more experiences. I don’t travel as much as you, but I’m just as happy sleeping in a tent at a family campsite as I am at a four star resort in Honolulu. Also, botels? They sound awesome. My husband has a boat but he keeps it docked in FL at his mom’s house so that she can use it and also because we have no where to put it here and would only get use out of it like 3 months out of the year.

  3. Fish heads, fish heads, fish heads everywhere. Did you throw it at people? Bounce it off the beer guts? Fun and games at the Botel, I’m telling you.

  4. Tennessee, how I love thee.

  5. Oh wow! I thought the beer gut person was a statue at first. I thought, ‘Wow! They love beer gut campers so much they’ve made a statue in honor of it!’
    Now, HIF, here’s a challenge, should you choose to accept it. I am doing all I can right now to avoid making plans to go to Barcelona. It is not one bit reasonable for me right now. But, I still want to go. Therefore, will you post and post and post about overseas stuff? Or send me an email once a week? Or something?
    I bake pumpkin muffins and swear off violence for 48 hours if you do! ; )

  6. UB–it was definitely cheap. And I like beer better than champagne anyway.
    Gwen–not sure I was just as happy as I would’ve been in a 4-star resort, but there aren’t too many of those on the Tennessee River.
    Rass–I didn’t touch that nasty thing. But if I’d had my trusty vaccum cleaner…
    AFM–darn tootin’ you love Tennessee!
    MG–but if I post about traveling, won’t that make you want to go even more? Just go. Check out American’s last minute trips…I think they have some deals to Barcelona. Can I still have some pumpkin muffins?

  7. Cindy, love the pics, especially the beer gut ‘n’ PortaPotty by the pool. Does a botel have rooms or do you stay on your boat?

  8. Nothin like camping and beer guts.

  9. Oh, Jesus. I am so scared of dead fish. Especially their eyes. Shit. I need to go drink some Ten High right now.

  10. Maybe the cat was responsible for the fish head.

  11. Susie–I added a link in the story to the one we stayed at in the Keys, so you can see what I thought I was getting into. Husband takes all the pix…I can’t even turn the camera on.
    Blue–I know I always take my beer gut when I go camping…or botel-ing.
    Erin–oh, sorry. But look–now you have an excuse to drink.
    Ellie–could be, but she was a skinny little thing.

  12. I’ve never heard of a Botel before, and I’ll be honest – that one doesn’t sell the idea to me.

    I think I’ll stick with the fluffy robes, complimentary cocktails and room service. Its a little snobby, but I guess thats just who I am 🙂

    I’m please to hear that – fish head and all – you had a good trip x

  13. Julie Fisher

    You know darn well that is not a fish head!

  14. Niece Lash

    I think it is the heart haunting her.

  15. Beth–I admit that this isn’t the best representation of a botel.
    Julie–husband assures me that it is indeed a fish.
    Lash–you may be right…thump thump, thump thump…

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