Europe, Home Depot…Europe, Home Depot

We moved into our “new” house about 5 years ago. It’s a great house with a big deck overlooking the backyard. Because of the way our neighborhood is configured, several of the one acre yards meet back there, so it gives the illusion of lots of space.

The house was close to 20 years old when we bought it, and the people who owned it before had taken good care of it, but a lot of the decor was original. It still is.

If you’ve ever bought a  house, you know how it goes…you walk through and say “I’m not crazy about this wallpaper” or “that kitchen floor needs to be replaced.” All the while your realtor is trailing along behind you going “oh, those are just cosmetic fixes…they’re easy.”

Yeah…easy for him to say. We did have most of the house painted, but the wallpaper and floors…they’re still the same. As are the ceiling fans and 1980-style light fixtures (brass anyone?). I know they need to be replaced, I’d  just rather take a trip.

The two weeks in Belgium and France in 2007 =a new tile floor in the kitchen.

Last summer’s week in Paris=new wallpaper in three bathrooms

A few days in the Keys in December=new endtables

Two weeks in England in June=carpet for part of the downstairs

The trip after that will take care of the rest of the carpet.

Given the choice between giving our money to Home Depot or American Airlines, we almost always opt for the travel.

I love going to the airport. There’s nothing like waking up on the morning of a trip and putting the last item in the suitcase. Double checking to make that the e-ticket, passport and necessary confirmation numbers are packed. Same goes for chargers, converters and that one last book/pair of shoes/sweater.

June 17 is my next departure. Two weeks on Pilgrimage. It’s a different kind of trip, to be sure. But different in a good way. Just 7 weeks. Let’s hope the wallpaper doesn’t start peeling between now and then.


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16 responses to “Europe, Home Depot…Europe, Home Depot

  1. Oh, whatever, that is going to be incredible. I’m with you. I would rather travel.

  2. Valerie Battle Kienzle

    Travel vs. home improvements? No question — travel wins hands down! Your upcoming Pilgrimage sounds wonderful. Never heard of a trip like it.

  3. mongoliangirl

    Perfect, perfect, perfect priorities!

  4. I’d much prefer a trip to new wallpaper, too. I’m so envious of you and your traveling ass! But I’m happy for you, also. As long as you promise to share all the wonderful details of your many sojourns. I want to feel like I was “there” because I’ll probably never actually get “there”. I’m intrigued by your pilgrimage. What is it exactly? My computer is being a little bitch and wouldn’t let me view your link.

  5. Valerie–great to hear from you. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. The Pilgrimage is a trip that the recently confirmed youth of our church take–most are high school jrs. Our youth minister is British and has been doing this for years. I went once before, but it was a different route in the south of England. There will be 12 of us–nine kids and three adults. It’s a fun, peaceful journey. Holler next time you’re home!

  6. The travel is definitely the better choice. Fix up the house when you’re too old to make the trips!

  7. Julie Fisher


  8. No doubt in my mind that I would pick travel over home renovations. We’re in the middle of it too…those brass fixtures were hideous so I bought a couple cans of dark bronze spray paint. Perfect quick fix until we have the funds to replace all the fixtures.

  9. Pueblo girl

    Good luck on your trip! I did that same journey nearly 20 years ago, and never came back. Maybe you won’t need to change the home fittings in the end…

  10. you definitely have your priorities straight. I´m so glad you opted for travel. It´s much more rewarding than stuff.

  11. Blues…be careful…I might show up on at your casa someday.

  12. Rass, Freeman and MG–why am I not surprised that you agree with me?
    Gwen–check your email
    Julie–your next trip sounds pretty awesome too.
    TexAss and Pueblo Girl–thanks for stopping by Franklin…come back often–no passport required.

  13. Yeah. Tradeoffs. Life’s full of them, ain’t it? Live in Europe = far from family (in my case, that’s a trade off). I wince at the thought of American Airlines getting your dosh. I hate American Airlines … but sometimes you don’t have a choice. Like me, two days ago, I got off an AA flight. Anyway, it’s a great something to look forward to, a trip.

  14. Ellie–I don’t mind AA too much…husband travels a lot so I get the benefits of his perks when I’m with him. But he’s not on upcoming trip which is on Continental anyhow. I assume “dosh” = cash? That’s a new one.

  15. I’m with you 100%! What’s better than travel? To me, not much. Certainly not wallpaper. Blech. How dull.

  16. No question I’d rather go on a trip than update the house. I can live with the house as it is, scary linoleum and all.

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