Light My Fire

I’m really not much of a material girl. I don’t have a lot of stuff…don’t need a lot of stuff. Things like new windshield wipers or socks give me great pleasure. But I did make a purchase earlier this week and we’re bringing it home tonight.

For the past two years, my Weber gas grill has been on life support. The flame got smaller and smaller. The electronic ignition gave out years ago which means I have to light the pilot with a match.  The triangular piece of metal that covers the actual fire is in pieces–no doubt eaten away by all the acidic marinades on my meat.

Last week I finally gave up. Two little hot dogs were crowded into one small corner. The tiny flame barely reached them. After 20 minutes, and much coaxing, they were finally done. I could’ve shined a heavy-duty flashlight on them and cooked them faster.

So Tuesday night I went grill shopping. Looked around online. Called the store and chatted with an “expert.” Then I went in person. Ahhh…there it was. 

It may not look like much to you, but to me, it’s 48,000 BTU of flame-broiled fabulosity. With 675 square inches of grilling goodness. It’ll go from 0 to 400 degrees in mere minutes and I can’t wait to get it home.

Only question now is, what’s for dinner tomorrow night?

p.s. Here’s a grilling tip–if your grill is hot enough, use it like an oven. Add some fresh sage to your favorite squash casserole dish and pop it on the grill…delish.


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14 responses to “Light My Fire

  1. I’m coming over for brats . . .

    I so need to go grill shopping, but there is always something else that needs money pressed its way.

    When we built our house, now almost 7 years ago, I had them put a gas line out to the porch so I could hook up a gas grill. The pipe is still sticking out of the wall . . . waiting . . .

    Happy grilling, my friend . . .

  2. Sage tastes good on anything grilled. I envy you your grill and the space you have to put it in. I’m very happy for you though.

  3. My parents have a grill that connects to the natural gas line. They often use it over Thanksgiving as a second oven.

    That’s all the grillin’ I’ve got. I’m a veggie you know. Sure we grill some things but for the most part we avoid them. Mostly because, well, sloppy grill seconds

  4. TD–see, there goes our North/South thing again…you say brat, I say wienie.

    Gwen–I do love my space. But I share it often.

    MnLvr–Love grilled veggies…eggplant, squash, asparagus…all you need is a little olive oil and some good salt.

  5. I LOVE cabbage and onions on the grill. Get some tin foil, put in cabbage and onions, add butter, salt and pepper, close up the tin foil and let it cook on the grill until it’s as tender as you like it.

    Yumm. I’m so glad it’s almost summer!!

  6. Oh my god, I miss grilled food — fire codes forbid grills on terraces although some people do it anyway. I love a good charred hot dog.

  7. We splurged on ‘the Alabama’ a few years back. It is a monstrosity of a grill. But it’s part of the family. Yum!

  8. But there is such a big difference between a brat and a wienie. We could call them sausages and hot dogs . . .

  9. Brats and dogs, to be good, have something in common – a casing. Makes for a juicier interior and a bit of “bite” as you move through it.

    Oh, and no ketchup or catsup depending on your spelling preference.

  10. Thanks for stopping by over at mine duck, coem visit often.

  11. mongoliangirl

    Oh hell no, hereinfranklin! It is not right that you are making me want a giant grilled hunk o’ meat while I’m still having my morning coffee! Delicious!

  12. I love my grill, couldn’t get by without it! Enjoy.

  13. If there is one thing I would give anything for it is this grill you bought. But then, of course, I realize that the only place I have to put it is in the bathtub, and that just wouldn´t work out. Not my idea of a pool party.

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