A cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do

Last night I was fixing dinner in the kitchen when I notice out of the corner of my eye that the cat was trying to sneak past me. She was sort of trotting nonchalantly…thinking I wouldn’t notice THE BABY BUNNY IN HER MOUTH.

“Drop it” I yelled. “Drop it.”

She ran down the hall into the living room. I gave chase.

“Drop it you bastard cat,” I yelled again. (I can’t help it…bastard is my new favorite cuss word.) She rounded the corner, skidded a bit on the wood floor and took the stairs two at a time.

I followed her upstairs. Husband was in the shower and could hear the commotion.

“Does she have a rabbit?”


“Kill her…kill that cat.” (Husband always says that, he doesn’t mean it.)

Cat sensed that she was fighting a losing battle and dropped the bunny in the upstairs hall. I reached for it and it jumped right past me onto the top step. I came closer and the bunny looked at me. Then it looked through the railing.

Then, I swear to God, it closed its little bunny eyes and threw itself from the top step onto the parquet floor below.

Baby bunnies don’t bounce.

But by the time I got down there it had hopped away and I found it huddled in a corner in the dining room.

I took it outside to the bamboo where husband had seen it earlier and set it on the ground. It hopped away. Fast.

Cat has been inside ever since. She can’t stay in forever though, and it’s hard to punish her for doing what comes naturally. I just wish she’d concentrate on moles and leave the bunnies alone.

Especially this close to Easter.


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18 responses to “A cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do

  1. Teresa Silverthorn

    Wow, I held my breath when the bunny jumped through the rail. I bet you did, too.

  2. Oh, the poor little suicidal bunny!

  3. mongoliangirl

    I love it when our outside cat kills something and brings it home to us. We act like we would be starving to death if not for those tiny meals he brings home to us. Even bunnies.

  4. Julie Fisher

    Why, I bet that cat was just inviting that bunny for dinner………

  5. you saved the bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for saving the bunny.

  6. Amy

    What is it with these animals?!! My dog got a bunny, actually he dug up the whole nest. And the bunnies SCREAM! Did yours scream? It’s awful, and traumatic for a 6yr old girl, but rather scientific for the 12 yr old girl who found the dog in the act. THe 14 yr old boy however, said the dog was doing his job and we should reward him, and the husband wanted to kill the dog, he’ll use any excuse. I hope he doesn’t mean it, but I wonder…

  7. I can just hear the cat sing, “let’s kill the wabbit” Elmer Fudd style.

    One of my cats is, was I should say, an adept hunter. Bird after bird and all he would eat was their eat and feet so very wasteful. At the advice of my grandmother, I put a collar with a big noisy bell and he was a much less efficient hunter after that.

    Great story, love the suspense.

  8. Teresa–hello and thanks for visiting Franklin. You’re right…I was holding my breath.
    Rass–I really think the bunny was as surprised as I was that he was still among the living. It would be the equilivant of a human jumping from several stories, or at least out of a tall tree.
    MG–I’m afraid our cat just gets cussed at. She should probably live on a farm instead of the ‘burbs.
    Julie–unfortunately, the bunny WAS dinner.
    Amy–welcome back. And congrats on getting your blog up. Enjoy it.
    FF–a bell is a good idea, but I’m afraid if I put a collar on her she’ll just end up strangling herself somehow.

  9. Wascaly wabbit, poor little guy. This one time I remember yelling those same things at my dog– drop it you little bastard– only difference was, he was running with pizza in his mouth.

  10. FG — I’m imagining a dog running with an entire pizza in its mouth and am highly entertained. Thanks for the laugh.

  11. This story is exactly the reason that I do not like cats.

  12. Little Sister

    The cat can’t help it. She’s a hunter. Just be thankful she doesnt bring in skunks, foxes, bears and raccoons like my 30 pounder does!! And please don’t kill the cat.

  13. My cat is strictly an inside cat, but I can only imagine the kinds of things she’d bring home if I let her outside. She attacks bugs something fierce. I don’t think a bunny would stand a chance! I’m happy you rescued the bunny (I’m sure the bunny is too!)

  14. My cat would have had that bunny for dinner before I even saw a thing. At least your cat kind of has a conscience.

  15. Niece Lash

    My inside only cat caught a field mouse not to long ago and was perfectly proud. I guess the instincts are there no matter how deprived of nature. I however felt incredible sorrow for the little thing. I’m so glad the bunny escaped.

  16. Don

    Funny and oh, so true. One day this summer I wished to myself that I had a cat to get rid of the darn chipmunks that were eating the seeds in my bird feeders. Imagen my astonishment one morning when I went towards the front door, glanced out the window and saw a CAT looking down into the entry of the chipmunk’s underground apartment! I grabbed my only camera (iPhone), opened the door and found a cute black and white kitten, complete with diamond studded collar with bell. She only stopped by now and then, but the chipmunks seemed to be gone. Then the birds were all gone too. Now, in fall, the chipmunks have returned, so maybe the cat will come back.

  17. Don–Cats are fascinating, but they can be hard on the other creatures in the neighborhood. Thanks for stopping by Franklin.

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