I took the Mongolian Girl Challenge

Those of you who visit might have noticed comments from Mongolian Girl of the The Cusp from time to time. She issued a challenge a couple of days ago…asking her readers to finish up some blogs that she had started but never completed. She gave us several sentences to choose from. I decided to play along and picked this:

“What I was not capable of describing to anyone at the time was that I was dealing with a deep well of regret over…”

Click on over and see how I finished Mongolian Girl’s blog. And don’t blame me if you’re hungry when you’re done reading.


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2 responses to “I took the Mongolian Girl Challenge

  1. Julie Fisher

    Where DO they come up with these plastic-tasting, “vine-ripened” tomatoes!!! There ought to be a law against such untruth in advertising…but a great blog, a great very sad blog.

  2. Ian

    I’m writing an online novel called The Mongolian Girl, which is how I found your blog.

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