Last Night I Came Home and Started Drinking

I drank and drank and drank. I couldn’t get enough. And you know what follows a night of too much drinking.

Yeah…the mad dash to the bathroom.

Last time it was this bad was college. The night we were drinking screwdrivers. Until we ran out of vodka and figured that gin and orange juice would be just as good. It wasn’t.

Unfortunately it wasn’t my favorite cheap pinot grigio or my beloved Sierra Nevada Pale Ale that sent me running.

No, my drink of choice last night was:

movieprep1 Yes…today is colonoscopy day! Woot woot! Don’t you love the name: MoviPrep. Makes me think of popcorn and Junior Mints.

Best part is that I get to do it all over again in a few minutes.





Then the trip to the doctor’s where they’ll spend a good half hour trying to get an IV into my miniature veins. But everyone who’s been through said it’s really just like taking a really good nap.

I wish I hadn’t bought the ecologically friendly toilet paper though. It’s a little Russian in texture.


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13 responses to “Last Night I Came Home and Started Drinking

  1. HA. Love that last line.

  2. Julie Fisher

    Oh for the good old days back in the twelfth century when all a woman had to do was to point to an area on a small statue (clothed) of a person, and the “doctor” would know what to do to make you well. . .or not.
    The good news is that once you’ve swallowed all that horrible gook and visited the bathroom for the hundredth time, everything that follows is a walk in the proverbial park!

  3. Robbi

    Honestly Cindy, you’ve already done the worst part. Just drinking that stuff is awful. You go to sleep, you wake up and it’s over, and everyone is really sweet to you for the rest of the day and will feed you whatever you ask for 🙂

  4. Ugh…I’ve never had a colonoscopy but I’ve had to drink that stuff for other procedures. It’s the worst. Good luck with your procedure. Enjoy the nap : )

  5. Amy

    I have not gotten this test done yet, but my husband has. He actually woke up DURING the procedure, can you just imagine the look on the doctor’s face? I’ll never forget how the doctor tried to talk it away like “That is not unusual”, but it is, I knew it, he knew it, everyone in the recovery room knew it.
    I have however had to start mammograms, *insert sarcastic tone* those are the best!

  6. Niece Whit

    OMG! I cheated and did not drink half of that nastiness! Apparently they KNOW if you cheat…….Good Luck!

  7. According to the doctor, it’s all “boringly normal.” Thanks for the good wishes.

  8. Niece Lash

    All I can say is Yikes.

  9. Party night in Franklin, eh?

  10. Julie Fisher

    Totally off the subject, BUT. . .
    “husband’s” photos are gorgeous.

  11. Kimmer

    You are so right. The nap was THE best part. Not sure if was worth going thru a 48 hour fasting to get to it….but BOY was that a great high! 🙂 Glad your innards are “boringly normal”!

  12. awesome post and yes, love the name, moviprep. Movi being like, “let´s get a movi on”.

    You got to get the good toilet paper for this kind of thing.

  13. Very funny. While I don’t have personal experience with this I have witnessed my husband’s displeasure twice. I don’t envy you (or him)

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