Men are from Mars. Women are from the hair care aisle at Krogers.

Our recent trip to the Keys was way too brief, so we only took carry-on luggage on the plane. You know the security rules…take off your shoes. No drinks unless you buy them at the gate. All toiletries in a sandwich-sized baggie.

I always fudge on the baggie size. There’s no way I can put everything I need for four days in the same size baggie I use to carry my lunchtime tunafish sandwich. To wit:

  • Shampoo guaranteed to make my hair seem thicker
  • Conditioner guaranteed to work in tandem with said shampoo to make my hair seem thicker
  • Styling gel
  • Other styling gel
  • Hair spray
  • Other hair spray
  • Tiny tube of toothpaste I found under the sink the night before we left
  • Contact lens solution
  • Eye drops for when contacts get sand in them
  • Contact lens container
  • body lotion
  • face lotion
  • foundation
  • face lotion that’s tinted to look like foundation
  • mascara
  • deodorant–I’m always a little fuzzy on this one–it’s solid in the container, but goes on kind of like lotion.

Here’s what husband had in his (regulation-sized) baggie:

  • sunscreen
  • deodorant
  • toothpaste
  • shaving cream

The funny thing is, I’m really a low-maintenance kind of girl. Those things are just basics. And I need them all whether I’m gone for one night or 20. So for you men out there who roll your eyes at your wife’s luggage–lay off. Shes doing the best she can.

And, if she’s like me, she’s just on a life-long quest for thick hair.


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4 responses to “Men are from Mars. Women are from the hair care aisle at Krogers.

  1. Julie Fisher

    I’ll tell you where you can find the thick hair, Cindy. It’s always on the head of the woman right beside you in the next station to yours in the beauty shop.
    You’re right on about all the stuff a woman needs for maintenance. And why do men always say they don’t think you need all that stuff. If we wanted to wreck a relationship I guess we could go without a day or two and show them exactly how nature left us looking.
    On second thought, maybe not a good idea.

  2. amen! so true – so true.

  3. I’m always astounded just how much junk you ladies have to carry. My partner considers herself low maintenance as well – but has at least as much for a trip as you did. I wonder what high maintenance looks like 😉

  4. I’ve been trying to get thicker hair for a while now. When I went to France for work, they called me out for having a water bottle and made me check my wine (that I had purchased before the previous flight).

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